With an estimated value of £4bn as of 2020, the UK’s gaming industry is worth more than music and video combined. Experts have already projected this value to almost triple to about £10bn by 2023, with the over 27,000 currently employed by the sector projected to also triple by 2025.

These are according to a 2020 report by Robert Walters, a global recruitment agency. The report underscores how gaming is the only sector within the leisure and entertainment industry to have gone against all odds during the COVID-19 shutdowns – earning more than film, music, and video put together during the national lockdown.

By the close of Q1 2020 alone, digital downloading spiked by 67% week after week, with physical game sales soaring by a stunning 218 %. And according to Robert Walters’ Senior Manager Technology, Tom Chambers, the COVID-19 has significantly impacted the games sector.

After national sporting events, leisure and hospitality, and blockbuster premiers were all prohibited, gaming has gained further mileage in the daily lives of different generations as the best pastime lockdown activity.

Higher accessibility is another reason gaming in the UK has performed well. You’ll want to remember that games are now accessible on PCs, apps, and mobile phones. Today, accessibility is at an all-time high, unlike the days when you required a console.

The interactivity front is where gaming was highly prosperous. It even resulted in a significant rise in new users during the lockdown.

Everyone wanted to keep close with family and friends by playing together online. It was especially noteworthy of the 60+ years audience. The elderly resorted to gaming and playing with their grandchildren for mental fitness.

Gaming Companies Are Still Hiring  

The COVID-19 crisis pandemic notwithstanding, the gaming business continues to record a 20% increase in vacancies every year throughout all sub-sectors. In 2020, for instance, here’s how some of the roles in the industry performed:

  • IT-related roles – +43 %
  • Game programming – +154 %
  • Project management – +140 %
  • Developers – +91 %
  • Audio/video specialists – +76 %
  • Artist/creative – +59 %

If we are to follow these trends, 2021 might explode with clamor to satisfy global demand.

Top UK Gaming Stocks

Several countries are already reputed as significant players in the gaming sector, especially the highly populated and tech-savvy nations like South Korea, the US, Japan, and China.

And while others may have considered the United Kingdom young in the industry, it’s now fifth among the world’s largest gaming markets.

Here are some of the top listed gaming companies if you’re looking to invest in the gaming industry or some fun London week activities:

  • Konami Corp (LSE: KNM) – It is one of the largest gaming companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, save for its multinational profile, being Japan-based. Beyond developing games, Konami Corp has substantial investments in the healthcare and fitness industry. Therefore, it cannot be considered stock for pure-play gaming. Even so, gaming remains bread and butter for the company famed for developing the Metal Gear Solid trademark.
  • Space Ape (LSE: SA) – Based in Soho, Space Ape is a famous UK gaming company that came into the mobile gaming industry with a bang. They have since created some of the most famed mobile games like Transformers: Rival Kingdoms and Earth Wars. The company’s impeccable reputation earned it a University of London contract to provide a masterclass in game development to students throughout the city. That’s an enormous feat for any gaming company.
  • Playtech (LSE: PTEC) and NetEnt (LSE:0XX7) – These two embody gaming companies dedicated to creating gambling software. With a total shareholding of about 96.8%, Swedish Evolution Gaming now owns NetEnt following the $2.1bn buyout deal last year.
  • Microgaming (LSE: MGM) – It is the go-to UK-based gaming company for casino gaming software. The 1994 founded gaming giant is credited with hundreds of casino games. Micrograming even pips Playtech as far as the sheer number of games produced goes, making it the most prominent web-based gambling software operator listed on the London Stock Exchange. Microgaming plays a significant role in the modern age of online slots after developing the best progressive slots. The company is famous with Kiwis and Aussies, who are enjoy playing online pokies. Microgaming has especially great NZ casino bonus offers for the Kiwis.
  • Mega Moolah is one of Microgaming’s most played progressive pokie titles. With a minimum mega jackpot of $1 million, it features payouts that can immediately turn you into a millionaire. It makes an excellent pick for a fun London week activity, although you can play it from virtually anywhere. Other Microgaming’s popular online slots include Thunderstruck and Immortal Romance.
  • Sports Interactive (LSE: SI) – This video game developer is reputed for developing Football Manager, NHL Eastside Hockey Manager, and Championship Manager. While founded in London, Sports Interactive was sold 12 years later to a Japanese publisher, Sega.
  • Ubisoft (LSE: ONVL) – Although the gaming company has a French origin, it still maintains a London listing. It is the biggest, pure-play video gaming company in the London Stock Exchange by market cap. Konami, on the other hand, has expanded into multiple industries. Ubisoft, by contrast, isn’t ingrained in the digital casinos’ world but boasts various successful franchises, including Far Cry and Rayman.


The UK is notorious for harboring some of the finest gaming companies worldwide, primarily focusing on online slot machines. These developers understand the massive demand for quality, enjoyable casino and video games from global players and go all-out to deliver the best.

With the exponential growth of online gaming, these companies are still undisputed.