Roulette is the most recognized symbol of the casino, incredibly addictive and gambling.  It is no coincidence that roulette has become extremely popular.  Some argue that it is impossible to play roulette, while others, on the contrary, create special systems for playing roulette, which will be discussed below.  One way or another, casino roulette is an opportunity to relax and, possibly, earn extra money.

How the Roulette Appeared

Many people, barely hearing the word “roulette”, remember the spinning wheel on which the ball rolls, launched by the dexterous movement of the dealer. Even those who have never participated in this gambling game know about it from works of literature and various films.  It is the roulette wheel that is the most striking embodiment of excitement of all casino games and machines.

People who have never been to a casino believe that the main space there is filled with roulette wheels.  These are the stereotypes that have developed over the years.  Street polls show that roulette is the next game that comes to mind when it comes to casino.  In reality, there are only a few roulette tables in the casino.  A typical casino set includes 30 blackjack tables, six dice tables, two baccarat tables and one or two roulette wheels.  And these tables aren’t always crowded.

For example, according to statistics, in British casinos less than 2% of all visitors play roulette, while blackjack – 45%, slot machines – 30%, craps – 8%.  An even larger number of players prefer the new slots machines. Quick fact: Most British players like to play live games at non-Gamstop casinos because they have no restrictions on stakes and deposits. Plus, deposits can be made with credit cards.

So why exactly roulette is so famous, because the numbers show that the most popular casino game is blackjack, as well as slot machines, which bring in over 50% of the gambling business.


The word “roulette” comes from the French “ru” – “wheel, roller, slider”.  The principle of a spinning wheel with an arrow (or a balanced pointer), which, when stopped after rotation, takes a random position, underlies not only various games of chance, but also the drawing process.

Even the ancient Greeks used a combat shield balanced on the edge of a sword as a device for gambling.  For the same purpose, the Roman emperor Augustus was served by a chariot wheel fixed on a vertical axis, which was cut into the floor of the palace room for games.  The American Indians and Eskimos of Greenland were amused by the game, which also featured a spinning top with an arrowhead.

The forerunners of roulette include the Indian, as well as the put-and-take game, which was once popular in the West, using a turntable.  The basic principles of these ancient gambling games are reflected in the modern game called the “wheel of fortune”, known in America as “crown-and-anchor.  It usually contains a rotating circle with numbers printed on it, and players place bets on which number will be opposite the arrow after the wheel stops.

Roulette belongs to the same family of games, although it is not their direct descendant, since the winner is not determined by the position of the wheel relative to the arrow-pointer after the rotation stops.  This is done by a small ivory ball that falls into one of the numbered grooves on the wheel itself.  The circumference of the wheel is divided into 37 identical radial, which are alternately colored black and red.  Each of the slots has a randomly applied number in the range from zero to thirty-seven.  The wheel rotates clockwise inside a stationary ring with an outer rim.  The ball, launched by the dealer, moves along the ring in the opposite direction and, when the wheel’s rotation slows down, falls into one of its slots.

There is no exact historical indication of the origin of roulette and similar games based on the principle of a spinning disc.  There are various theories on this score.

Online Roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular games among the British gamblers.  Today, not a single online casino can do without it.  The developers take into account the popularity of this game.  Therefore, they regularly introduce new variations of online roulette.  Depending on their own preferences, the player can choose a classic slot or a modified online game here.

Features of the Slots

The point of this game is to guess the number.  A ball hits a spinning wheel with numbers ranging from 1 to 36.  After a few rotations, it stops at one of the sectors.  If the user guesses the number, his bid is automatically increased 35 times.  It is important to note that you can bet not only on numbers, but also on color (red or black), as well as on:

  • row;
  • column;
  • dozens.

The bets appear on a table with a green cloth, on the surface of which numbers are depicted.  Online roulette is available to users in demo mode.

Online casinos in the UK enjoy a certain advantage, as gambling has been familiar to the locals for a long time.  Betting on casino games, horse races and sporting events are popular here.

According to ,if somewhere there is a “heaven” for online players, then the UK is as close to it.  All types of bets are legal and available online in the three countries that make up the United Kingdom.  In addition, gambling was legally declared a hobby, not a job, meaning that British citizens do not pay any taxes on their winnings.

UK online roulette is popular in large part due to the fact that, by and large, they are completely legal.

Today’s online casinos offer almost every form of traditional gaming that is loved by UK citizens, so it’s no surprise that online casinos have become big businesses in England, Scotland and Wales.