London might not be known for having a huge number of land-based casinos, but there are actually some of the most famous casinos in the world available to players. It’s got a long and rich culture of gambling locales, and London is still a thriving hub for casino play today. We’ve taken a look at some of the most famous venues that you should check out in the big smoke.

Grosvenor Casino Victoria

When you first look at the Grosvenor, you could be forgiven for thinking it was the famous Sky City Casino in New Zealand. While there is an online option for players at Sky City, for those who would prefer to try out a land-based alternative, the Grosvenor offers a really great experience.

It has an incredible selection of bars and restaurants on top of some awesome gaming options. This is a great place to play, and a great place to hang out. Try out “The Vic” when you’re in London. It truly is an iconic place to visit.

The Colony Club

This is definitely one of the more famous venues in London. In fact, one of the great sights in all of London. It’s not just the view that’s impressive though, what it has to offer to players is also extremely important. Here, players have the ability to enjoy a big range of different gaming choices. Players can certainly lose themselves in the moment when playing at The Colony Club. Without a doubt, it has one of the best gaming choices around.

However, this isn’t all it has to offer. When you go, you will also come across an incredible cocktail lounge, global restaurant choices, and it has arguably one of the best Japanese restaurants outside of Japan. The entertainment might not be on a par with what Vegas has to offer, but it certainly manages to compete in the food stakes.

Horizons Casino

This is a casino that has undergone a name change in recent years. It used to be called Napoleons, but it has changed to Horizons. This means, that if you mentioned Horizons to people, they might not be completely aware of where you mean at first. However, it goes without saying that this is definitely a venue that you have to check out. It has a fantastic bar that is located over the casino floor.

Here, you can enjoy a range of different cocktails and some wonderful snacks. The gaming choice is excellent, and it gives players a great range of different casino games to try out. Horizons is fast making a name for itself as the big name casino within London.

Empire Casino

This is definitely the most visually impressive casino within London. From the moment that you walk in, you see what it has to offer in a big way. It has giant screens on the walls which show a number of different sporting events throughout the time it’s open. It doesn’t end there either. There’s a fantastic restaurant available, and it has one of the best bars at any casino in the UK.

What really shows off what the Empire has to offer, is the casino. It’s a truly fantastic place to play with a massive selection of different table games to enjoy. What really sets it apart is that if you feel like you’ve had enough of the casino, then there is a DJ that turns it into a nightclub every Friday and Saturday night.

The Barracuda

This is one of the best places to eat in all of London. It covers a range of different cuisines, making sure that visitors will be able to find something that they enjoy. It doesn’t end there though. It also has a superb cocktail bar available, and it even covers a room where people can go to have private parties.

The casino section is just as impressive, allowing players to enjoy a number of casino games, with the option to enjoy high roller tables as well as standard play. The Barracuda is a really great place to play.