Inviting a few friends round to play card games together is a great way of spending an evening. However, do you worry about whether you choose the right food and drink for this type of occasion?

Thankfully, there are a few sensible tips that will allow you to do this well. By serving the following food and drinks, you can let everyone enjoy the games without worrying about anything else.

Snacks While You Play

Will people turn up expecting a meal or just some snacks? This will largely come down to the timing of the games. To avoid any doubt, you should make it clear in the invitation what sort of food will be available.

Naturally, no-one wants to play poker or blackjack with a giant plate of food in front of them. Therefore, if you want to serve a meal then this should come before the games begin. A BBC Good Food article suggest that whole grains, blueberries and oily fish are among the best foods for helping boost your brain, which makes it a good idea to eat them before complex card games.

For the actual playing time, light snacks are usually perfect. Finger food like biscuits, nuts and crackers with cheese are going to keep most players happy once the action starts. A good variety of snacks will ensure that there is something for everyone.

Alcohol or Not?

One of the key decisions is around whether or not to serve alcohol. For some players, card games are automatically linked to having a glass of whisky or a cold beer in one hand and their cards in the other. There is even a guide on Whisky Critic to the kind of American Whiskey that suits each type of card player.

Yet, other people prefer to keep a clear head by only drinking water or tea. Serious players tend to avoid alcohol but this is a personal decision, so if you don’t know your guests’ preferences then it makes sense to either ask them beforehand or else have a good selection of drinks to hand.

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Source: Pxhere

Avoid Anything That Is Going to Get the Cards Dirty

Your guests will probably love seeing a plate stacked high with barbequed chicken wings or sausages wrapped in bacon. Yet, you won’t appreciate any greasy, oily food that ends up causing stains being left on the cards.

As revealed in Rolling Stone, it was Brad Pitt’s idea that his character in Ocean’s Eleven is always eating. However, you can bet that he doesn’t leave the cards a sticky mess. This might even make it easier to see which card is which when they are face down, just by remembering which cards have certain greasy marks on them.

The same ideas apply when you play card games online alone. You don’t want dirty, greasy fingers to mess up your keyboard or to cause a finger slip onto the wrong key at a crucial moment.

By sticking to these simple tips, you can enjoy a fine evening of games where the food and drink help to add to the occasion rather than take away from it.