London is a popular tourist destination for Brits and people from all over the planet. It is one of the most visited cities in the world, with around 22 million people travelling there in 2019.

Many of these travellers complete the typical tourist activities, like visiting Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. However, some like to venture away from these a little, heading to trendy areas like Camden Lock to sample artisan food and craft drinks from independent businesses.

London has much more to offer than just this though. This city offers up something for everyone, including adrenaline junkies who want to find a new thrill-inducing activity. If this sounds like you, then why not check out the great options below?

ArcelorMittal Orbit

London hosted the Olympic games in 2012, an event that left behind a huge custom-built Olympic Park and stadium. The park is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike who come to relive the magic of the event and to make use of the wide open spaces.

Located outside the stadium is the ArcelorMittal Orbit, an observation tower and sculpture that looks like a tangled mess of twisted metal. However, it was actually designed by Ceil Balmond and Sir Anish Kapoor who wanted to create a monument to the Olympics that added to the skyline.

Of course, travelling up the lift in the ArcelorMittal Orbit is by no means a thrill-inducing white-knuckle ride, but sliding down it in a mat is.

Opened four years after the Olympics, “The Slide” is the world’s longest and tallest tube slide. Taking 40 seconds to get from top to bottom, riders will hurtle through a completely enclosed tube with dark and clear sections which can create a sense of disorientation while also giving you great views of the city.

The central section, known as “bettfeder”, which means bedspring in German, features 12 tight and twisting turns – many of which you won’t see coming.

Lea Valley White Water Centre

Another facility left behind after the Summer Olympic Games in London is the Lea Valley White Water Centre. While it was used for several key water events in 2012, today it’s open to the public.

For £50 each, you can head out to the rapids in a raft with eight others, where you’ll need to work together to use your paddles to navigate through the choppy waters.

If you prefer to go it alone, then the hydrospeeding activity will be for you. You’ll get given a small float to hold on to while you traverse the rapids.

Alternatively, you could take on their Water Wipe Out obstacle course, a series of physical challenges over water like in the TV show, Total Wipeout.

Hippodrome Casino

While this activity isn’t as physically demanding, it will still get your heart racing. The Hippodrome is a Victorian-era building that has played host to a theatre and a night club in the past, but in more recent years has become one of London’s best casinos.

Located in the heart of the West End, it’s easily accessible by tube and by bus, and is within walking distance from many major tourist areas.

Inside, you’ll find all the classic casino games you’d expect. Whether you enjoy playing popular card games like online blackjack, table games like roulette, or the variety of slot machines, the Hippodrome has you covered.

Vertical Chill

Rock climbing has become a popular activity in recent years, with many indoor rock climbing centres opening across the UK. If you want to take this to another level, then Vertical Chill is for you.

Located inside Ellis Brigham’s Covent Garden store, Vertical Chill is a vertical climbing wall made of ice that’s as cold as -5º.

You’ll be provided with all the climbing gear you require, including the spiked shoes you’ll need to grip the ice with. Once you’re ready, you’ll strap on a harness and begin your ascent.