While online casinos have turned the inn thing now because of the proliferation of mobile devices, many casino game lovers still enjoy wagering and minting money in the brick and mortar casino houses, because they enjoy moments of precious fun there. One fact that every casino lover should know is that the oldest casino in the world is a staggering 379 years old. 

The popularity of gambling and the level of entertainment it brings across the globe are unprecedented. With large chunks of gambling now been done online, thanks to online casinos being cheaper to run than their land-based counterparts. Many players from the United Kingdom choose casino sites thanks to their lucrative bonuses, like free spins no deposit UK and promo codes which you’d be hard pressed to find in brick and mortar establishments.

However, have you thought about sitting down and thinking of the feeling you’d get when you find yourself in one of the oldest casinos in the world. Some of the oldest land casinos in the world would include the Casino De Monte Carlo and Casino Di Venezia. But there are many others that will reveal what the beginning was like to you. The top 5 are explained below.

Casinò di Venezia

This is one of the oldest in the world. Established in 1638, it was later moved to another location in 1950 with a new structure erected to house it. However, one significant thing is that this casino refers to the palace as its home. It was also there that the popular German composer Richard Wagner, enjoyed rest. Every lover of beautiful things will become awestruck upon entering the present day edifice of the casino. There, historic beauty and modern decoration were seamlessly fused.

Casino de Spa

This was built in 1763, making it one of the oldest of the lot. This Belgian casino was also rebuilt in 1918 after it experienced a fire incident that damaged part of it. In the coming years, it went through a lot of transformations. However, from 2000 till date, the Circus Casino Spa Group has been managing the casino. In the casino, players are treated to amazing video slots, plus lots of poker and roulette games.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

In 1834, this casino was named the casino of the year. It is a German casino with a neoclassical architecture that wows everybody that comes across it. When this casino held sway, gambling was not legal in France. Because of this, many lovers of casino games were in the habit of traveling over to Germany to enjoy games at the Kurhaus of Baden-Baden. This continued till it gained reputation worldwide, and became a destination for major players from across the globe.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

It started with the name Grand Casino. It was very popular and people admired it from all over the world. Established in 1856, it has hosted many popular figures, including James Bond playing poker games in it as an MI6 agent in the 2006 Hollywood blockbuster, Casino Royale.  Whenever you are here, you will behold lots of rich and famous people coming in to enjoy games in their super cars.

Golden Gate Casino

The Freemont Street hosted a very popular casino named Golden Gate. However, it was in 1905 that John F. Miller decided to build a temporary hotel in the property with the name The Miller Hotel, and to turn this into a permanent hotel with the name Hotel Nevada in 2006. But while all this was happening a casino was operating inside the hotel till betting was banned in 1909. However, in 1931, some additions were made to the property and its name changed to Sal Sagev. The casino later got its current name the Golden Gate Casino in 1955. One of the things that made it popular is the economic shrimp cocktails it served from 1959 to 2017.


With these casinos, gambling enthusiasts will not lack a place to enjoy classic games in wonderful ancient environments.