The advent of internet betting has changed the casino industry. As well as exposing more people to the fun you can have playing games such as slots and blackjack, the online world has brought new ideas to the live arena. For example, prior to Chris Moneymaker’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event win back in 2003, poker was falling out of favour with casino bosses. Because it doesn’t rake as much for the house as something like blackjack or roulette, it had become a burden for pit bosses. However, thanks to an explosion of interest in online poker, demand has rocketed and poker now serves as a major draw for live venues.

Similarly, the borderless nature of the internet has also helped bring new gaming trends to the best live venues. For example, in the UK, 3 reel fruit machines have always been popular in pubs and clubs and you can find lots of fun online with bestcasinosites. In contrast, Canadian slots have traditionally been video-based products featuring 5 reels and an overarching theme. Looking at 3 reel vs 5 reel slots, the latter were traditionally less common in the UK. However, thanks to the popularity of games such as Avalon II where players are immersed in a storyline (in this case, the legend of King Arthur), they’ve now become a staple offering in London’s best casinos.  

Essentially, what you’ll see when you visit a London casino today is that the internet has influenced everything around you. So, in the rest of this guide, we’re going to shine a spotlight on three venues that encapsulate this new live/online dynamic.

The Hippodrome Casino

As we’ve said, The Hippodrome has made poker one of its main focuses since it opened in 2012 thanks to the growth of the game online. However, what’s also nice about The Hippodrome is its layout. Beyond an old theatre and music hall means the ground floor is overlooked by a stack of balconies.

This not only gives players a bird’s eye view of the action but creates a sense of openness and grandeur you don’t often find at other casinos. Moreover, the set-up allows The Hippodrome to host a variety of shows and music events. Therefore, when it comes to all-round entertainment, this casino tops them all if you’re a casual punter looking for an evening out.  

Les Ambassadeurs Club

For exclusivity, there are few casinos in the UK that can match Les Ambassadeurs. Located in Mayfair, the casino was opened in 1941 by businessman John Mills and has welcomed the great and the good over the years. In terms of the gaming area, Les Ambassadeurs is smaller than many of its counterparts, but that’s the point.

The focus here is high stakes and personal attention. In other words, if a member requests it, they get it. This is where players used to being VIPs online would go to play. In terms of standout features, the smoking garden is a nice touch for those that like to light up and bet. However, the most impressive feature is the marble-clad restaurant where Executive Chef Paul Muddiman cooks up dishes that can rival the best seafood dishes at Claw or finest French fayre from The Ledbury.

Aspers Stratford

One of the main reasons Aspers stands out at a leading London venue is its focus on rewards. Like online casinos that offer betting bonuses and promos, regulars at the venue can join Aspers World. This basically means you’re given a special card that tracks your play.

Each time you bet on slots, roulette, blackjack, poker or any other table game, you’ll earn points. As you collect more points, you’ll receive everything from free bets and cashback to exclusive prizes and free meals at one of Aspers’ four restaurants. Basically, if you enjoy the added extras you receive when you play online, Aspers has recreated that in a live setting.

So, there you have it, that’s three of London’s top casinos. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a gambler or not, each one has something to offer. Thanks to the growth of online gambling, live gaming is better than ever, which is why it’s worth checking out our top pics if you’re ever in London.