‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s difficult to be jolly – or romantic for that matter – when you’re absolutely freezing. Plus, it’s hard to look cute whilst running after a stray umbrella wearing seven cardigans and your old festival wellies. This is why we thought we’d share four winter date night ideas you can have in your nice, warm home. Enjoy!

Friendly Competition


Nothing revitalises a romance faster than a little friendly competition as it removes any predictability that’s built up over time. Sure, your other half may know which meal you’re most likely to choose on a menu, but do they know about your blackjack prowess or your secret roulette betting skills? According to 888casino, betting systems like The Chaos are basically impossible to predict so whether you’re playing at home or online using one of the five roulette titles 888 offers they will keep things interesting between you and your partner. If roulette isn’t your game, you can always show off your incredible stamina in Monopoly or how lucky you can get in poker. Now is the time to find your favourite game either online or in your home and surprise your better half.

Movie Night

If the two of you lead busy lives, there’s a good chance you haven’t had the time to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies together in a while. However, if this is something you enjoy doing as a couple, why not turn your living room into a cinema, get out your favourite snacks and spend the entire evening catching up on new releases or enjoying old favourites. There are thousands of films to choose from on streaming sites like Netflix or cable providers such as Sky, so we’re sure you’ll have plenty to watch.

Get Cooking

Hey good lookin’, have you ever thought about cookin’ as a couple? There’s something seriously romantic about working as a team to create a satisfying, tasty meal. Plus, if you’re pressed for time this is an easy way to turn an everyday chore into a dreamy to-do. Alternatively, if neither of you are particularly great at cooking you can always order a takeaway and make some indoor s’mores using your fireplace, a tealight or your oven like in the video above.

DIY Photo Shoot


When was the last time the two of you took a photo together that was not only Facebook worthy, but also frame worthy? This date night, you can set up your camera or even just use your webcam and take some seriously cute photos together or of each other. Since it’s winter, it may even be a good idea to get some festive props or some fallen leaves to make the photos a little more seasonal. You don’t even necessarily need to share them with anyone else but imagine how wonderful it will be to look back on future date nights and remember how much fun you had?

We hope you have a great winter date night-in and let us know if you have any other ideas that you think other people might want to try out themselves. After all, there are sure to be plenty more date nights in the future so you need as many different ideas as possible!