Are you excited to spend a weekend in London but unsure what to do during this small but amazing holiday abroad? No worries, we have put together a nice little top 3 of how to make the most out of your time in London while enjoying your not-so-often weekend off. Check out our list and get inspired.

Complete the tourist-checklist

Not likely an unexpected inclusion – the first point on our list is to visit London’s highlights, also known as London’s tourist attractions. Find your new or old camera and get to photographing when you see all the amazing attractions London is known for.

Among other things, you can visit attractions such as:

London Eye: You can watch it from a distance and test your photographic skills, or buy tickets and enjoy the great view of London.

Tower Bridge: Enjoy the great Neo-Gothic architecture while you wander along the famous River Thames. Or book a ticket and walk the beautiful Tower bridge, where you can experience the glass floors, panoramic view and more.

Buckingham Palace: See the beautiful palace, which is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch of the United Kingdom. If you are lucky, you may spot a royal during your visit.

Tower of London: You can visit the historical castle and check off ‘visiting a world heritage site’ on your bucket list. View the historical landmark that has protected the royal family during wars and rebellions, and see the crown jewels that the castle guards today.

Camden market: Visit Camden market and experience a diverse and lively community. Here you can find innovative and unique products and various types of street food from small, independent shops and artists.

These attractions are merely the tip of the iceberg, so get to exploring and find what you are interested in, whether it be history, arts and crafts, architecture or royalty – London has it all.

Shop or explore away from the rain

Unfortunately, England is not exactly known for having great weather twenty-for-seven. So to get your ideas flowing, here are two ways you can spend a rainy day in London during your weekend travel.

On the one hand, you can explore the hotel you are staying at, as the hotel is also part of the travelling experience. This way, you also get every penny worth of your hotel stay.

You may even find inspiration to decorate your own home when exploring your room. For example, you may want that comfortable chair standing in the corner of the room or the futuristic TV stand with blue LED lights at the end of your bed. You never know what you will find.

On the other hand, London is a city known for fashion and its diverse population, so why not go shopping in a big shopping centre like Westfield London. With London’s various styles and shops, you will most likely encounter fashionable clothing pieces and other items that can be challenging to find in your home city – what a jackpot.

However, if you want to go shopping without leaving your warm hotel room and comfortable bed, you can always shop online on various sites such as vidaXL. You can even use all the goods you found while exploring the hotel and create a wish list for Christmas and your birthday.

Experience the local London life

It is not easy to experience local life if you do not have connections that know and live in the city. However, there are still ways in which you can surround yourself with the local life and feel London’s local atmosphere.

For instance, the United Kingdom is generally known for having a great pub life and London is especially known for its diverse population, so why not head to a pub and get a meal or drink?

When visiting a pub, you can surround yourself with locals and experience London’s everyday life. You can even try to chat with someone and see what great stories they have to tell. At times you may even be so lucky to experience a live performance from a small up-and-coming artist.

Another great way to experience the local life is to wear your best walking shoes and go for a walk in the parks and the streets, visit the markets and just look around and take everything in. London is a city bustling with life, so a lot of the local life takes place on the streets, which is why you most likely will see and experience a lot on your walk.

When you get tired, take the tube home, as this is one of the most used transportation methods by Londoners. This way, you will most likely feel like another Londoner in the crowd.