Selling your London home can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. There are so many things to think about, from choosing an agent to deciding on the price you’re going to ask for, with the added hassle on top of looking to purchase your next property.

Sometimes, it can start to feel overwhelming. The best way to combat this is by having an action plan to hand. Set yourself a few simple steps to follow, brush up your knowledge of selling and the property market, and it will all start to seem much easier.

To help you out, here are three tips to begin with…

#1: Choose an Agent with Local Successes


When it comes to choosing an agent, there are many options available to you, from traditional high street names to internet-based companies like House Network. Prices between them can vary widely, and so too can their success rates, the two most important factors for you to consider.

With regards to the former, it’s important to bear in mind that the less you pay, the more you will profit overall. Although this doesn’t mean that budget should be the determining factor in your decision-making process, it is worth thinking about.

With regards to the latter, success rates should play a key role in your choices. The more likely you are to gain a quick sale, the better for your bank balance and your long-term financial prospects. Local success rates, in particular, should be the centre of your focus, as these are more important overall to you than the national figures many companies use to advertise themselves.   

#2: Price Your Home Competitively


London is one of the most in-demand cities in the world, and this is a major plus point in the favour of sellers who own property there. However, it has led many to have an overinflated view of how much their home is actually worth, and this can be incredibly detrimental when it comes to seeking a sale. Instead of being tempted this way, make an effort to price your property competitively, knowing that reasonably valued homes in the capital are usually snapped up. This doesn’t mean seeking less than your house is worth; simply pricing it accurately will suffice.

#3: Know Your Property’s Selling Points

Most sellers will use an agent to help sell their home, but if you’re planning on being present for viewings, then it’s still handy if you can further your cause. Do your research to determine what London buyers are looking for, and then work out the ways in which your property ticks these boxes. If it’s handy for commuting, then big this point up when potential purchasers ask you questions. If it’s close to a theatre, good schools, or nightlife hotspots, play up these plus points too. The more you have to say in its favour, the more likely you are to secure a sale, especially if you’re saying what London buyers want to hear.

Apply these three top tips today, and see how quickly your property sells.