There’s no avoiding the matter, Christmas is on its way and will be with us before we know it. It’s an exciting time of the year for the gaming industry but the way in which we are spending our money is changing.

Games consoles aren’t quite as popular as they were. Nowadays more people are playing the games on their tablets and mobile devices. The days when there would be people queuing around the block eager to get the new consoles seem to have gone now.

It used to be a massive fuss when a new console came onto the market with people counting down the days until they were released. That’s not the case now though. Previously, the arrival of a new console meant innovation that had only previously been dreamt of. Now it’s not the case with just a few new features and the feeling that it’s just a bid to get us all to buy a new console every few years.

PlayStation sales are declining but that doesn’t mean we’re not still in love with video games. Predictions are that by 2021, the global gaming industry market will reach revenues of $180.1bn. We just love playing the games that now have amazing graphics. It’s just the way we play them that is changing.

We’re used to sitting on the sofa with our consoles spending ages trying to get to the next level of the game. So much do we love playing them, it’s a bit of a grind when we are away from our beloved console. Then came the mobiles and tablets and the changes began.

There’s no need to wait until we get home to resume playing our favourite games. We can be downtown getting the Christmas shopping done and while waiting in the never-ending queues there’s no need to be bored. We can simply get our smartphones out and start playing games such as ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Candy Crush.’

Downloading apps is an increasingly popular way to get hold of video games. Desktop PCs are another source of opposition due to the additional power that they now have. Using that console isn’t so vital as it was in the past.

Online gambling sites are another arrival that reduces our need to go out and buy a console. By no means are they all about placing bets on sport, they also have a great range of video games. You can be playing slot games galore or try to get wins playing roulette or blackjack. These sites have a steady stream of promotions right from the moment you join, for example a 20 pounds free bonus.

Consoles aren’t going to go away anytime soon. The offering of games that are exclusive to consoles is one way that game developers are trying to boost sales. That’s what happened with Spiderman and Tomb Raiders games and that proved there is still the demand for consoles out there, just not as high as it used to be.