Old Spitalfields Market has recently re-defined their food offering with an all-star line-up of traders. Commencing a new chapter in the market’s 200-year history, The Kitchens has completely transformed and modernised the market floor.

Situated in the heart of the new market, The Kitchens are designed as fully functional kitchens, allowing seven days a week trading. These ten units house ten of London’s much-loved and critically acclaimed restaurants and food brands who are all serving signature dishes unique to the market. New traders include:

For Middle Eastern Magic: Berber and Q

The Lowdown: With a focus on flavours and ingredients from the Middle East and North Africa, co-founders Josh Katz and Mattia Bianchi have put together a menu of new and well-loved Berber and Q dishes. New bites include the  rolled shoulder of lamb Mechoui with blackened chilli sauce and bread and butter pickles on flatbread, and the well-loved cauliflower Shawarma with tahini, pomegranate and rose from their bricks and mortar site over in Haggerston.

For Mexican Bites: Breddos Tacos

The Lowdown: From humble origins in a Hackney carpark, Breddos Tacos have become one of London’s most famous taquerias. Bringing their own unique brand of Mexican cuisine to east London, try the likes of the BBQ duck, tamarind, piloncillo and burnt onion taco, short rib taco, and stock up on plenty of their freshly ground masa corn.

For Asian Flavours: Bar Barbarian

The Lowdown: Bar Barbarian is a new offering from Hugh Thorn and Luke Clarkson, and explores the diverse flavours throughout Asia and the sub-continent. Far from traditional fare, Barbarian showcases simple dishes incorporating Asian flavours and technique, made using local and seasonal produce. At the market, the hero of the menu is the Sichuan classic, mapo tofu. The team have specifically sourced top quality ingredients from Chengdu province to give an authentic interpretation of this dish.

For Chinese Street Food: Dumpling Shack

The Lowdown: Dumpling Shack are cult street food traders with a loyal following – people travel far and wide to get their hands on the soft, squishy, tightly packed dumplings. Their specialty is the outstanding Shengjianbao dumplings, but they’re also selling home-made dan dan noodles, a Chinese street food classic.

For Meat Madness: Flank

The Lowdown: Transporting his Brighton-born residency to London, creative young chef Tom Griffiths is behind Flank, a nose to tail eatery focusing on beef cookery over an open fire. His menu is peppered with an exciting array of seasonal British dishes such as wild mallard with fermented peanut.

For Sweet Treats: Happy Endings

The Lowdown: One of the winners of at the 2017 Young British Foodie awards, Terri Mercieca has already gathered a cult following for her creative range of ice cream sandwiches and desserts. Dig into creations such as ‘the Naughty One’ – salted caramel and miso parfait between fine layers of chocolate Guinness cake. Ooo-er.

For Nordic Eats: Rök

The Lowdown: Rök’s Nordic inspired dishes have a strong focus on preservation. Matt Young has transformed classic dishes from their Shoreditch digs into a street food format like the smoked duck leg bun with lingonberry jam as well as a wider offering of fish, meat and plant based  dishes.

For Japanese Grub: Thousand Knives

The Lowdown: Thousand Knives is a new offering from the team behind Dalston restaurant and music venue, Brilliant Corners. Connoisseurs on every level, they’re known for Japanese small plates, natural wine and cocktails served to the sound of music from all genres. At the market Thousand Knives have continued this theme, and the kitchen specialise in both vegan and non-vegan Japanese food made using traditional techniques.

For Italian Munch: Sood Family

 The Lowdown: An east London pop-up restaurant serving seasonal fresh pasta dishes such as amatriciana and radicchio, gorgonzola tortelloni and breakfast brioche buns with guanciale, Sood Family is your one stop Italian shop. Aside from their delicious bites, you can also get your hands on authentic Italian products such as burrata, cheeses and cured meats.

For Pillowy Goodness: Yum Bun

The Lowdown: A regular feature in ‘top street food’ lists, Yum Bun’s fluffy pockets of flavour are unmissable. Alongside their favourites (order the mushroom bun), the gang have launched a new dish: spiced fried chicken, salted celery slaw and Szechuan mayo bun.