There was a time many decades ago, when only old ladies played bingo. The game itself has always had its own appeal, but there was something about it that just didn’t make it accessible for younger generations growing up in London.

Fortunately, that has all changed now as the 21st Century has witnessed the rise of a much cooler, modern version of bingo with unwavering popularity and success. In the UK alone, 90% of online bingo players are below the age of 50 and even male players are getting in on the action. There are also a variety of bingo-based events that are popping up all over the country, so today we thought we’d take a look at how bingo is officially making a comeback in London.

High-Tech Bingo

Of course, bingo’s renaissance isn’t limited solely to London. After the classic game made its way to the Internet, it soon became a favourite pastime throughout the UK, the USA and many other areas of the world. At first, online bingo games were crude – much like the rest of the web – but now brands have entire portfolios packed with a variety of titles. William Hill for instance, is home to live games of 80 ball bingo, multi-variant games and even special, exclusive titles.

Bingo truly began to transform into a modern hobby once Smartphones became popular, as bingo brands branched out from desktops into apps. Following the Apple iPad’s release in 2010, bingo became available on tablets for those who enjoy a more hands-on approach to gameplay. These innovations made bingo more accessible, interactive and engaging than ever, thus cementing its place in the entertainment industry.

More recently, bingo has been toted as one of the many future additions to the world of augmented reality. This inventive technology adds digital/virtual elements to physical surroundings via smartphones or head-mounted displays such as the Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens. So far, most of the games that have been developed for this platform are puzzle or action-based, but due to the fact that bingo is so popular amongst casual gamers, it won’t be long until even more appealing, immersive bingo games hit the market.

Big Bingo Nights Out

Bingo is not exclusively available online though, as it is still played in many physical, real world locations. However, these new-age bingo meet-ups are very different from the ones your grandmother probably remembers. You see, bingo recently entered the nightclub scene around London, accompanied by burlesque dancers, celebrities, ’90s music, drinks and glitter cannons.

One of our very own London-based events, Rebel Bingo, has become so popular that it now operates throughout the UK and even overseas in New York, LA and Las Vegas. Created by TV producer Freddie Sorenson and his mate James Gordon, this wild, alternative night out offers a “very intense and emotional style of bingo”.

“Everyone’s involved, everyone in the room is in the show, it’s happening for you, everyone in the room reacts to every single number, so the show has a really engaging feel to it,” Sorenson told Sam Wallaston back in January.

Rebel Bingo will begin again in the New Year, but there are many other upcoming events such as Musical Bingo, Bogan Bingo and Steamy Bingo that promise to provide festive nights for bingo fans around London.