Virtual casinos are in great demand in England. Every day, thousands of gamblers go online to try out the latest slot games. Operators are currently noticing one thing in particular: Online gamblers prefer to play certain machines. This is not only due to the machines’ high odds of winning. The visual appearance seemingly also plays a major role in the selection process.

Virtual gambling is booming in the UK. Every year, according to the latest gambling statistics from the UK, online providers record further successes. A considerable part of this is in England, from where many players seek out the virtual gambling offer. The English simply love to play on their own PC without having to show any consideration for other players.

In addition to the number of registrations and log ins with the operator, market research institutes also record the specific choice of vending machines. The meaningful results reveal one thing above all: English people really appreciate quality! In the following article, interested readers will find out which games the English are currently particularly fond of.

Great variety of games – an absolute must for English gambling enthusiasts

According to the available evaluations, the English favour a colourful gambling game. They therefore prefer to choose a provider with countless machines in the most diverse genres. Indeed, the online gambling market in England has a lot to offer. From adventurous to luxurious: the variety of games offered by English online casinos is quite impressive.

Before registering, players compare the different provider sites with each other. They look at the list of casinos on and pick out the best offer. Of course, when choosing a suitable casino, they focus on the bonuses awarded. The higher the additional credit, the faster English players register.

Each of the sites has a few slot machines. Gamblers are spoilt for choice. The first click on the desired category opens numerous matching games. After deciding on a slot machine, the game can begin. If it is no fun, online casinos offer many alternatives.

These categories exist:

  • Slot machines with action and adventure motifs
  • Luxury slots for lovers of aesthetic things
  • Slot machines with jewel and casino themes
  • Sports and speed
  • History and retro slots
  • Machines for computer and maths nerds
  • The popular fruit slots
  • Animals, plants and people
  • Heroes and villains

Healthy-looking slot motifs for colourful everyday life

Fruit slots are indeed among the most frequently played machines in England. Sure, because the juicy fruit baskets don’t just look so delicious. The designs of the fruit-themed machines also have a simple structure with no disturbing elements. Furthermore, developers do not use extensive background motifs for most fruit slots.

The popularity of fruit slots is certainly related to the eating habits in England. A look at the most popular dishes in England shows how hearty the islanders’ favourite dishes are. Fruit slots seem to be a good complement to this. They also whet the appetite for great fruit creations and healthy desserts. Many English people are now incorporating the theme of healthy eating much more into their everyday lives.

These fruits are available in slot machines:

  • Refreshing melons
  • Gourmet pineapple
  • Tender peaches and nectarines
  • Dark plums
  • Sour lemons
  • Juicy grapes
  • Sweet strawberries
  • Fresh oranges
  • Sweet cherries

Especially popular are the games Fruit Awards, Fruit Shop, Sugar Rush with fruity gummy animals, Million 88, Fruitopolis and Candy Wild Bonanza with obstinate sweets for foodies.

Adventure games for gambling heroes

Adventure slots with heroic characters are just as popular as fruit slots. Who didn’t like watching Indiana Jones as a child or feeling like Atreyu in the Neverending Story? Admittedly, many people have not been able to integrate their heroic desires into everyday life. However, game operators offer them the option of taking themselves back to their own childhood with their adventure slots.


With the latest slots, female heroines are also moving into the gaming variety of online casinos. They are based on the legendary film and comic superheroines and delight both male and female players. If they appear in larger numbers, high winnings can be expected. The look of the adventure games is also adapted to the adventure feeling of the players in the case of superheroines. Sparkling jewellery and flashing accessories are not an issue here.

Instead, gamblers get concentrated action. The software producers provide great sound effects to match. In contrast to the city casino, players can even deactivate the music. This is useful when playing on the move, for example. After all, no one wants to disturb other people with the game’s music.

These games are very much in vogue at the moment:

  • Robin The Decent
  • Wild Trigger
  • Rich Pirates
  • Plunderin Pirates Hold and Win
  • Divine Riches Helios
  • Western Gold 2
  • Longmu and the Dragons

England and the historic slots

Many real money players from England are enthusiastic about slot machines with the themes of Egypt and Greece. Both countries, like the United Kingdom, are extremely steeped in history, which software manufacturers take advantage of. The Egypt theme relies on pharaohs, diamonds, scarabs, pyramids and snakes. Of course, Uschebti and other interesting objects also appear as motifs.

English gambling fans are very interested in historical and political topics due to their own development. It is true that the history of England has not been expressed so much in the slot machines so far. Nevertheless, English people also like to be enchanted by the diversity of Egypt and Greece. Many deliberately choose precisely these motifs, as they perfectly combine mysticism and human skill.

These slot machines are worth playing:

  • Book of Dead
  • Legacy of Egypt
  • Ramses Book
  • Secret of Dead
  • Eye of Atum
  • Ramses Book ROAR
  • Book of Riches

Diamonds, jewels and pure luxury

Only very few people can allow themselves a large portion of luxury in everyday life’s style. That makes it all the more important to get secure moments in a different way. Luxury and casino slot machines then bring inner balance, which English people have long known. They choose diamond slots precisely for this reason for the most colourful and varied leisure activities possible. Moreover, the jewel motif fits perfectly with the many small and larger wins of the slot machines.

The special feature: If the slot machine displays a horizontal or vertical row of diamonds, victory is assured. A single spin on the slot machine is very quick, cash winnings can be easily maximised with a single click. The jewels fall into the winning pot at high speed. Those who want even more casino ambience should try the money slots with different currency motifs, because they are at least as much fun.

Passionate gamblers focus on these machines:

  • Jokers 5
  • 777 Super Big Build Up Deluxe
  • Cosmic Cash
  • Wild Wild Riches
  • Diamond Royale
  • 12 Super Hot Diamonds Extreme

In addition, there are great other casino games for the weekend alone or with friends. English people now prefer the online casino on their PC or as a smartphone casino.