Yes it’s time to get prepared for one of the most exciting events held at the ExCel Arena in London. The MCM Comic Con is returning to the UK from Friday 25th May 2018 – Sunday 27th May, and promises to be the best one yet.  There are some out of this world special guests as well as probably the finest display of Cosplay you will ever see in your earth life time.

For anyone not familiar with Comic Con, it is a meeting place on Earth for everything from and of course gaming in general.  There are hundreds of artists, writers and colourful Pop, Movies, Sci Fi, Comics, Cosplay, Anime costumes also on display, making this a one off experience for anyone who wants to experience something unique, friendly and fantastic fun. Sponsoring events like this has become very popular with casino houses like Chomp Mobile Casino looking into the opportunities on offer at the event. For the event, why not visit popgear for character clothing.

Where is it being held?

It is being held at the ExCeL In London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL.

The Comic Village is going to be spectacular this year, with so many special guests to choose from.  If you want to enter the Cosplay parade and represent the United Kingdom, there is a competition being held, that will allow you to compete for a Trip to Japan or Spain.  Quite a contrast in locations, however both equally good prizes. Please see the official registration page for more details here.

What dates are the event on?

The Official Opening Times for Comic Con 2018

Friday 25 May: 10am-7pm

Saturday 26 May: 9am-7pm

Sunday 27 May: 9am-5pm


West entrance
Custom House DLR

Attending the MCM Comic Con

Special guests including Kevin Conroy,  who has played Bat Man more than anyone else, who else would you want to see from the Caped Crusader series.

The fantastic voice actor James Arnold Taylor will be joining Twisted Toonz. James is best known for Ratchet & Clank and of course Final Fantasy & Star Wars. Michael Biehn who is has appeared on Aliens and Terminator, will also be making his debut at the MCM London. In fact the event promises to be just as popular as the Reel Vegas online casino which offers some exciting new mobile game releases.

There are also three super stars from the popular Deadpool 2 film attending, Brianna Hilderbrand, Stefan Kapicic and Zazie Beetz. They will be featuring as super hero sequel hits theatres, so if you have your mobile phone with you, this would be a great time for pictures to be taken.

If you love the Grand Theft Auto V game then you have to check out the “London Heist” as the gang gets back together for another hit. Ned Luke from Boardwalk Empire & Law & Order will play the voice for Michael Townley. With Shawn “Solo” Fonteno an LA based rapper, playing the voice for Franklin Clinton.  And finally the awesome Steven Ogg, who has featured on Westworld, The Walking Dead and many more films, plays Trevor Philips. This promises to be one of the most popular events of the MCM Comic Con and one that shouldn’t be missed.

Pricing for the event – Online Pricing

Friday – Priority 10am – £25 ( Closes at 7.00pm)

Friday – General 12pm – £17 ( Closes at 7.00pm)

Saturday – Priority 9am – £27 ( Closes at 7.00pm)

Saturday – General  11am – £18.49 ( Closes at 7.00pm)

Sunday – Priority 9am – £26 ( Closes at 5.00pm)

Sunday – General 11am – £17.49( Closes at 5.00pm)

Weekend – As per Priority – £68.49

Children go free if they attend with a paying ticket ( 5 year olds and under) There are also other exceptions, children under 10 are allowed entry with a paying adult, only after general entry has commenced.  There is also a £1.00 admin fee per ticket if purchased online with the E-Ticket.

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A video of what to expect at Comic Con 2018 in London has been added below: