Whether you actively enjoy visiting a real casino, with all the thrill of live interaction between the players and the dealers (and possibly meeting friends there too for an evening out), there will be times when you either cannot or do not want to step outside and make the trip.

If you have ever visited a casino before and enjoyed it, but you need the convenience of a different location, there is a hybrid option you must try. This is the live casino.

What is a Live Casino?

When it comes to casinos, there are two main types – each with its own pros and cons. Physical, brick-and-mortar casinos allow you the full casino experience, providing social interaction with croupiers and other players: but you have to actually get to them first, which means planning a journey or an evening out. Online casinos may not offer the social interaction of a physical venue, but they provide convenience. You can play them from any device that has an internet connection wherever you are.

The live casino manages to blend both options in a fully immersive, hybrid experience. Once you have signed up for a live game, you will be presented with a dealer who is streamed to your device in real-time. They are in the studio, but you can hear and see them.  When the game begins, the physical transactions that the dealer makes get translated into digital data. This is known as Optical Character Recognition.

These very human interactions allow people to play virtually no difference between physical casinos and online ones. You can chat with the dealer using text functions on the browser, enjoying that feeling of camaraderie and interaction. They will deal with and conduct the game, and you play along with your device.

Finding a Live Casino

If you want to try this experience, add live casino games to your list of essential must-haves when signing up. In the Casino Smash ranking of the best US casinos, they explain how finding the right casino for you is about first looking to see if it provides your favourite games, and then seeing what bonuses are on offer. Casino Smash has compiled a list of the most secure and trustworthy sites to use, many of which have offers relevant to UK and European players that are just as comprehensive as the American ones.

What Kind of Live Casino Games Are on Offer?

If you have a favourite casino game you would like to play, you will probably find a live version of it somewhere online. Many online casinos have a variety of live games to choose from, including side bets that are also played live. Even obscure geographical casino games like Teen Patti can be found if you dig around enough.

So popular is the live casino experience that whole new genres are being experimented with in the online live format. The popularity of slots and bingo means that these were the first live games to be developed. With many of these, you open up specialist bonus rounds that are overseen by live dealers and hosts. This innovative method creates a hybrid of game shows, providing a wholly unique experience.

Casinos will have made a big effort to invest in the technology to stream games to bring you the most rewarding live experience possible. This will include real dealers, camera operators and shift managers, along with the technology that enables you to chat while you play.

The screen is just a portal to a world where you can enjoy the thrill of a live game at the same time as connecting with the dealer… just like you would if you walked through the door of a real casino, but with all the convenience and comfort of your own environment.