Whether you’re playing at an online casino or donning your tuxedo or evening dress and heading out to a traditional gaming establishment, casino gaming offers great excitement and entertainment. When not playing one of a variety of a table games or slots, you can be sitting down to sit some delicious dinner or sipping some refreshing tipples at one of the catering facilities. You might even visit the casino to catch a show.

Of course, casinos are glamorous and classy. If you do enter one, there’s a certain etiquette to follow so that you can enjoy your gaming experience without hindering the enjoyment of others at the establishment. Here are some rules to follow when gaming in a casino.

Dress well

Although some casinos adopt a more relaxed dress code now, casinos on cruise ships and in other countries may still have a strict policy about what is and what isn’t allowed dress-wise. You may be refused entry if you dress too casually. Beach-style clothing and T-shirts with slogans or vulgar language on them could see the casino turn you away. It’s best to dress up nicely when going to a casino. If you’re not sure about the dress code, contact the casino before you go.

Don’t use your mobile phone

Long ago, for security reasons, casinos didn’t like players taking pictures inside the casino. Technology has become so advanced now that the fear is players may use their phones to count cards or find ways of cheating. If you do need to use your phone, the dealer may ask you to step away from the table.

Don’t put your stuff on the tables

Avoid putting belongings such as bags, wallets and purses on the table. Some players use them to hide things. More than anything though, belongings just get in the way.

Place any cups in cupholders. If you’re on the dice, don’t hold your drink over the table while you’re playing. A spilled drink could ruin the table and the game.

Make sure you understand the rules of the game

Experienced players might think Christmas has come early if a novice player sits down to the table with them, but it can be irritating to play a game in which one of the players at the tables hasn’t done their homework when it comes to knowing the rules. Learn the different hand signals for games and be sure to understand the basics of the game, such as how to set your hand, what hands to play and what to fold on. You don’t want to ask the dealer or other players for advice.

Don’t tell others how to play

If you know a lot about the game, you might be tempted to tell others how to play. Don’t. Just play your own cards. Some casinos forbid players from showing others how to play because it allows players to gain too much knowledge of the cards already dealt in the game, which can be crucial in poker.

Avoid giving money to strangers at the table as well. Although it’s your right to do so, the casino won’t look kindly upon it and is likely to eject anyone asking other players for money.

Avoid drinking too much

Casinos, especially in the US, tend to offer complimentary drinks, often at the end of rounds. Not being charged for drinks may encourage you to drink a little more than you should, but it’s not a free-for-all. Drinking too much can cause you to become disruptive or hold up the game. The casino may then ask you to leave the tables and the establishment.

Buy in and cash out correctly

Make sure you understand the minimum and maximum betting limits and wait until the right moment to cash in or buy out. This is normally at the end of the round to avoid disturbing the flow of the game. Some players disrupt the game when they’re winning by converting smaller denominations into chips of larger ones, then later converting them back into smaller ones. This slows the game down because the dealer is constantly changing chips. It can be irritating for other players.

Don’t annoy superstitious craps players

When the dice are rolling well in craps, it’s a magical feeling. When they’re rolling badly, however, some craps players become quite superstitious. Some believe it’s bad luck to let your money hit the table, so avoid buying in the middle of a roll and cash in at another table before sitting down to play craps. Saying the word “seven” at the table can also land you in hot water with craps players, so steer clear of that as well.

Observe casino etiquette and you’ll enjoy a terrific gaming experience. Other rules to follow that will help you stay on the right side of the casino and of other players include setting a loss limit and tipping staff.