Features and bonuses usually are pretty subjective in the gaming world. One person’s happy place ends up being another person’s sad place. Today we will be going over the top 5 features that players like the most.

1) The Gold Bar Bonus

You can only find this feature in the game Goldmine Bang. You will get used to the phrase “fire in the hole” with this feature. Your job is to collect as many bombs without them exploding. The only way the bombs will explode is with a TNT detonator. Did you collect all the 8 bombs? You will open yourself up to an explosive bonus round and much more. The goal is to get there first. Good luck!

2) Crystal Bonus

This one is in Jackpot Destiny. Your job is to break into at least 20 different crystal tiles to unlock the big prize. The difference between this feature and others is the progress you make. Your wins depend on the progress. The more you win, the more tiles you break through. You need not worry. There will be obstacles in your path. The tiles will not break easily, and you will have to work for it.

3) The Puzzle Bonus

Do you know the game, Captain Pelican? That is where you will find the feature. That is the first and only puzzle game you will find at Caesar’s Games, to the best of our knowledge. Word of warning, this game is very addictive. You need to collect a specific number of pieces to complete the puzzle. You also have a set time limit. You will then have the chance to win up to $500,000.

4) Howling Respins

The game that has the feature is Wild Howl. Players need to obtain a certain number of moon symbols to advance to the next level. Players have said it is a “howling good time”, no pun intended.

The more moons you get, the better your chances of winning the Jackpot and Mega Jackpot are.

5) Up to 8 Slot Machines

You can find the feature in More More Buffaloes. The last article touched briefly on this game. You can find basic information on the game by clicking here. You need to collect the lucky coins to move forward with this one. Did you manage to collect all the coins? You now have the chance to play 8 machines and 3 wild reels at one time, hence the name of the game.

The objective is to collect as many coins as you can. The more slots you play, the more coins you collect. The only downside is you will deal with some buffalos.

See the infographics below about the best games of 2017 to get a better understanding of the free slot games available on caesarsgames.com.