Most of find that our finances are a little straitened at the start of a new year, due to the money spent on having a good time at Christmas. That adds up to a shortage of ‘fun money’ and can leave people looking for ways to both enjoy themselves and make some spare cash.

This is where online slots like those found at Winkslots come in. Not only are these a colourful and exciting form of entertainment, they can also be viewed as a good investment. 

Online slots potentially offer you the chance to make sizeable sums of money back from small investments. In this piece we will look at how to maximise the benefits of playing slot games, from the point of view of money and pleasure.

Making the most of your slot investment

Slot games are easier to get a head start on compared to other gambling alternatives.

Unlike poker and blackjack, slots are simple to learn how to play and allow you to bet small sums. Both of these factors make them extremely popular with casual casino players, but you still need to be careful and strategic with your cash when spinning them.

Online slots all operate on fairly similar principles, but you should make sure that you understand about game aspects like ‘wild’ and ‘scatter’ reel icons or pay lines before you start. These can greatly affect your chances of winning rather than losing money.

The ‘wild’ icons in particular can be extremely helpful, as they stand in for missing icons to provide the matching reels that produce payouts. Looking for games with ‘wilds’ will help you make the most of your money.

Two other features of each online slot you should study before playing are the pay lines and the return to player (RTP). Different slot games will have different numbers of pay lines.

If you want your slots play to be a smart investment, pick one with plenty of pay lines and play them all. You do not need to wager large sums, but the more lines you bet on the greater your chances of a win.

You can also avoid losing slots runs by picking games with decent RTPs. If the RTP for a particular game is below 95%, you should look elsewhere if winning money is the object of the exercise for you. An edge for the house of higher than 5% will make it hard for you to win more than you pay in.

Playing at too rapid a pace is another aspect of slots gaming to avoid should you wish to minimise any losses. Slots are a fast and furious form of gaming, but if you are spinning the reels 700 times each hour, the house edge will count against you. Slow down to make your investment in the game count.

What you should look for in a slot game

Of course, it is not all about the cash investment for most players. Slots games are supposed to be fun and it is likely that you will want to balance out these two priorities. Here are the key things to look for in a slot.

The theme

Virtually all online slots have a theme of some sort, whether they are spin-offs from hit movies, bands and singers or just completely new themes devised by the developers. Picking a slot with a theme that appeals to you will make playing it much more entertaining.

The jackpot

Every slot game has either a fixed or progressive jackpot. The first of these is a set amount of money while the second increases each time a player anywhere in the world bets on it until someone wins it. If you are dreaming of a life-changing win, a progressive jackpot slot will be a better choice.

The bonuses

Some online slots have bonus games and others do not. If your priority is to have fun while maybe winning a little extra cash, a slot with at least one bonus round is what you should look for.


As was mentioned earlier in the article, the slot RTP rate plays a big role in your winning chances. Most online slots have RTPs around 95% and anything well below that is a risky pick.

Some top slot games to play

Gonzo’s Quest

This slot has an adventurous Spanish theme where you play as conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro and attempt to find the golden city of El Dorado. It combines fantastic 3D graphics with a high £125,000 jackpot and strong bonus games, which have made it a cult favourite.


Starburst has remained a highly popular choice for a very long time. It has a fun outer space theme brought to life with colourful 3D graphics and is also low volatility. That makes it easier to win smaller sums on. A maximum £50,000 win from a single spin does not hurt either.

Mega Fortune

The theme of this game takes you to the glamorous world of California, but the biggest reason for its popularity is its progressive jackpot that can build to millions of pounds before someone finally claims it. Three bonus icons are needed to win that massive payout.

Getting the most out of playing online slots requires you to know what you want. Whether it is big money or fun gaming, there is a title out there for you, with many top slots games offering both.