London is well-known for its marvellous attractions. Millions of tourists come over to see the famous Big Ben, the Tower and about a hundred of various museums. However, there is another side of this amazing city, where the adults are allowed only. So, if you are tired of all those dust galleries and tea parties, leave your kids at home and go for real adventures. This list is made to help you.



The number one in this list is the Artisan Wine Fair at the Old Truman Brewery. The festival of wine and fun which is held in the middle of May every year is the place where nobody gets bored. Just what you need after a hard year. All possible sorts of the delicious beverage will be found here. Fresh wine from the private vineries is waiting for you to try them. And yes, you can taste as many samples as you want. All you should pay for is an entrance ticket. Come in and drink as much as you can.

Underwear History

Here is where all the shirts and jeans should be taken off. One of the most scandalous exhibitions of all time takes place at Victoria And Albert Museum. There is no wonder men adore visiting this place. It is a short excursus to the history of underwear. Here you can spot how radical the changes in lingerie fashion trends were, spectating the outfits of the eighteenth century and compare them to the modern lace creations of Agent Provocateur. Stunning corsets, bras and panties are there to highlight the real beauty of the female body.

Empire Casino


If you are done with online gambling and have already played all those games at the most popular online casino UK – go out! You cannot miss visiting the biggest and the most luxurious casino of the United Kingdom. Located in Soho, it attracts thousands of players, beginners and high-rollers, and is known for the best place for the poker game in London. Of course, you can join one of those fancy men clubs to play, but this place has its special atmosphere. It is a real hotbed of pokies which became a regular housing of international poker matches. Due to its location, the place is within easy rich from any part of the city.


The place is known as being meant for kids only. But at night it opens the gates for the adults. If you are still a kid deep in you heart – you are always welcome here. For an affordable charge you can try yourself as a fireman, lifeguard, F1 racer and even carry out a cardio surgery. Children of all ages love the place. Even those who are way out of their teens. Open the world where you can choose one of the dozens of occupations and try yourself in a profession you have always dreamt to get.

There is no other place on earth like London. And this list unveils its unknown side to let you discover it once again. Enjoy!