London, the City of Dreams, is famous for its magnificent architecture, from the ancient Tower of London and the Palace of Westminster to modern structures like the London Eye. It’s a hustling and bustling metropolis, the capital of the United Kingdom, and the hub of business, entertainment, and culture.

At night, London transforms into a sexy treasure trove of romance, adventure, and excitement. Travelers looking to carve romance can enjoy boat rides on the Thames and cozy candle-lit dinners at idyllic fine dining establishments. And those who seek glamour can dress to the nines and hit the streets for an unforgettable club-hopping adventure.

London is returning to its pre-pandemic glory and sexiness with a crazy round of cocktail evenings, masquerade balls, and casino nights. Keep reading to explore our roundup of the sexiest things to do in London City this year.

A Grand Affair at the Hippodrome Casino

Are you craving a classic casino experience that feels straight out of a James Bond movie? Head over to the Hippodrome Casino to immerse your senses in the opulence of British interiors and a spectacular casino setup, perfect for a grand affair.

The Hippodrome Casino has revamped the building that previously housed one of London’s grandest theaters. Sprawling over five floors of gaming areas, the casino revolves around three unique themes with a distinct atmosphere to compliment the game. The Hippodrome has the widest collection of casino games, including poker, blackjack, slots, electronic games, and table games.

It is home to London’s most extensive poker deck, and the venue hosts the fastest-selling show in the West End, Magic Mike Live. So, here’s the plan: Put on your sexiest little black dress or tuxedo and head over to the Hippodrome for a crazy night of blackjack and a sultry Magic Mike performance. Don’t forget to order some wine and steak from the Heliot Steak House, one of London’s most popular fine dining establishments.

However, many people who play for the thrill of gambling don’t like to splurge their money on opulence and d├ęcor. If you’re one of those people, consider hitting the slots online for an immersive and interactive experience. Online casinos offer amazing live tournaments, and they combine discretion with an extensive variety of table and slot games.

FTP All Black Boat Party

For the People (FTP) is the creative force behind some of London’s most glamorous parties and spectacular themed events. This year, FTP has a packed schedule of exciting galas, boat parties, and balls, and the All Black Boat Party is indeed the most sought-after VIP event.

Scheduled for July 30, the All Black Boat Party is bound to be a riotous affair against the magnificent background of London’s skyscrapers and the idyllic ambiance of the River Thames. Attendees will gather on a boat furnished with VIP tables, state-of-the-art cocktail bars, and an open-air retractable rooftop. FTP has announced a limited number to create a small but fun group of party-goers.

The All Black Boat Party will be an epic extravaganza with spectacular views, a great lineup of DJs, and the perfect venue.

The Bletchley: Cryptic Cocktail Experience

Here’s something unbelievably sexy for the nerds and cipher geeks: head over to the Bletchley for a cryptic and secretive cocktail-brewing mission. Termed as the “best cocktail bar in West London” by Conde Nast, the Bletchley isn’t your average bar.

This cryptic experience has been inspired by the work of Alan Turning and his fellow cryptographers who shortened World War II by breaking the Nazi’s Enigma Code. In order to earn your cocktails at this bar, you must put on your code-breaking cap and use WW2 Enigma machines to inspire the perfect cocktail.

You will have to apply the deductive principles of Sherlock Holmes and use code-breaking protocols to help the mixologist fix your signature cocktail blend. Get ready for a crazy night of breaking cryptic codes and using cipher machines to create personalized cocktails

Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar

London offers an eclectic abundance of quirky and downright crazy cocktail experiences, and the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar is a one-of-a-kind theatrical club. You’ll have to put on a chic orange jumpsuit to enter the super realistic metallic cells, where you will be served cocktails and drinks.

The Alcotraz Prison is an endlessly exhilarating world of fun, mischief, and theater. While you sit inside the cell, notorious bootleggers will help you smuggle your favorite liquor, syrups, and ingredients to fix the most delicious cocktails. It’s interesting to note that this bar does not have a menu, but they offer a wide array of bespoke cocktails inspired by your taste buds and preferences.

Final Thoughts

London by night is one of the sexiest sights to behold, and the ambiance of the city inspires you to let your hair down and unwind. You can attend one of the many glitzy parties hosted across the city or hit one of the world-famous clubs for a glamorous adventure. Be sure to check out the FTP schedule of parties if you and your friends crave a lavish yacht party experience