Mobile casino apps are slowly taking over the gambling sector. As the number of gamblers grows, so does the number of smartphone users, which is increasing by the day.

App developers are taking advantage of the situation by introducing better apps. Google Play has many mobile casino apps suitable for both Android and iPhone users. They are designed in a way to meet the user’s needs, whether they are playing for fun or playing to win real money.

Casino Games to Play on Mobile Casino Apps

Do you want to earn real money while gambling on your phone? What kind of game can you enjoy playing while still earning? Here is a list of some games you can enjoy on top mobile casino apps:


Most people may think that it is impossible to enjoy this game on your mobile app. But the truth is that everything keeps developing today. Playing roulette on your mobile is just the same as playing it in casinos.


Playing this game on your smartphone from the comfort of your home can be more fun. You just have to scroll down to make your bet, then spin, and relax to wait for the magic to happen after the digitized reels stop spinning.

Video Poker

Casino mobile apps have a section for video poker and other pay tables that are played on the casino floors. The best thing about video poker on mobile casino apps is that it is easy to enjoy, even for newbies.

Baccarat, lottery, blackjack, and scratch-offs are other casino games you can enjoy playing by downloading a mobile casino app.

Features of a Best Mobile Casino App

With the number of available apps choosing the best mobile casino app can be challenging. What are some of the features to consider when choosing a mobile casino app?

Easy to use

When choosing a mobile casino app, ensure that the app is user friendly. A good casino app should make it easy to access withdrawals, deposits, etc. Though it should focus on your security too, it shouldn’t be a long process of verification.

Incredible offers on bonuses

Do you love enjoying incredible bonus offers when gambling? When evaluating the kind of mobile casino app you want, it is best to look for apps offering bonuses and promotions to their customers.

Security and safety

Is the casino app trustworthy with your financial information? Everyone loves to keep some of their information private. To be on the safe side, choose an app that has been used for a long time.

Payment methods

Imagine this: after winning, you want to withdraw your cash, but now you have to pay high fees to withdraw this money to your bank account. When choosing the app, ensure that their payment method is available to you.

Compatibility and customer service are also other important features to consider.

Types of Casino Mobile Apps

There are three types of casino mobile apps:

  • Android Casino Apps
  • iPhone Casino Apps
  • Social Casino Apps

Android Casino Apps

While the number of android users keep shooting, developers have introduced casino apps for this device. Android app store is ready with casino apps that will meet your gambling needs. There are different apps to choose from whether you want to gamble for money or just for leisure.

iPhone Casino Apps

Each new product from Apple Inc. comes with great excitement all over. Casino app developers are always on the frontline to come with apps for iPads, iPhones and other Apple devices.

Social Casino Apps

The popularity of social media is increasing. Social media sites like Facebook have made a great impact on casino mobile apps

Best Free Mobile Casino Apps

Many gamblers have played casino games. Some play for fun, while others play to win these games. There are mobile casino apps that one can download to enjoy the free games.

These casino free apps include:

Big Fish Game

This is a Google play developer where one can play for free. It features different casino games like blackjack, slots, and roulette, among other games.

Full House Casino

This is another free-play app that features mostly slots. It also has Roulette, Casino Bingo, Texas Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

GSN Grand Casino

GSN Grand Casino sticks to video poker, slots, and video bingo. This app promises users big wins, but it doesn’t actually deliver. It has other small games that one can enjoy playing with daily bonuses.

Lucky Win Casino

This is a booster for many casino games. The app games include Blackjack, slots, and Texas Hold’em, among others. Most of these games have tournaments where you can keep playing.

World Series of Poker

This is best for poker games. It has a lot of active players, free chips, and many online contests to enjoy. The best feature is that you can choose to play anonymously.

Best Real Money Casino Mobile Apps

Gambling is all about winning or losing. When other people play casino for fun, others aim of playing casino is to earn real money.

Here is a list of best casinos to earn real money from:

  • Iv
  • Super slots
  • Bovada
  • X-Bet
  • BetOnline
  • Wild Casino
  • Café Casino
  • Ignition
  • Las Atlantis

Advantages of Mobile Casino Apps

Compared to casino sites, apps are more advantageous to use. But what are the advantages of this app?

  • The freedom of playing online games and winning without geographical restrictions is priceless.
  • Gambling information is kept on the apps, thus not burdening your computer.
  • Free casino apps are designed to be played on small screens like smartphones.
  • Most people have some knowledge of apps thus it will be easy to use.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best mobile casino app from Google Play can be hard, but with the provided information, this task can be easy. It is advisable to gather different opinions from different sites and Google Play users’ reviews. With all this information, it is easy to evaluate real casino apps from scammers.