Today, gamification is a highly valued strategy that businesses use to reach their online customers via mobile devices. Techniques on gaming, like ranking lists, incentives, and competitions, are used by businesses to attract clients.

These customer-oriented games in one way or the other help NZ companies reach their objectives. Additionally, they help in collecting data, boosting brand awareness and inspiring repeat business.

In a nutshell, gamification is all about applying concepts and techniques from various online games to your marketing strategy. These techniques work towards creating connections, building brand loyalty, increasing sales, and ultimately increasing business profits.

Areas with Gamification

Gamification increases workers’ engagement and is a thoughtful solution to stir significant changes in a business. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the areas you can implement gamification.


  • Onboarding. Training your employees using this technique helps them discern their roles fast while taking away the nervousness that comes with a new job.  Use gamification to create games that help new employees begin with an entry-level and scale upwards.
  • Employee Engagement. Boost your workforce engagement by creating a leaderboard, competitions, progress bars, and various challenges. This can help employees focus on short term achievements that quickly build up to long term goals.
  • Compliance. Implement gamification to get employees into a mock investigation. With this technique, you can group employees into teams and have them compete to see who will get to the bottom of the issue at hand first.
  • Skills Development. Game-like elements like points, progress reports, levels, and badges can be used to boost employee engagement while rewarding for new skills gathers. Apart from creating enjoyable experiences, in the long run, gamification affects how the employees work.


Gambling Bonuses

Kiwi online casino players stand to benefit a lot from the rewards that this technique offers, especially when bonuses and perks are involved. Such bonuses include comp points, casino bonuses, loyalty rewards, free spins, and more.

When a player performs a particular activity, they get rewarded for it right away, although they might be expected to log on for several days to claim the bonus. What’s more, safe online casino for gambling in New Zealand can give you bonuses for claiming on their site or referring a friend to the gambling sites.

Bonuses can also be given just for using gambling apps or any other aspect of online gambling.

Competition between Friends

A healthy competition among friends is key to the growth of any business. Creating games or leagues for your friends to enjoy participating in, while also competing can be healthy for your business. A good example is social media networks that have thrived in the idea of gamified competition.

Use leaderboards and top score to trigger the human instinct to compete. Like social media sites, use gamification to monitor who gets more pins, hearts, followers, and likes. In short, if you can adopt this strategy in your business.

Benefits of Gamification for Businesses

Businesses stand a lot to benefit from gamification. Here are some ways that you can gain from this technique:

Collect Important Customer Data

Many gamification platforms require a valid email address or social media credentials for a successful login. Your company will be able to gather this data and see what your customers are up to on your website.

Educational Tool

You can also use gamification to introduce your customers to a new product or service you are about to launch and learn something new that are useful for your clients. This compares to giving a free trial to a new product, in the sense that, you let the users test the product in the game as well as teach them how to use it.

An Opportunity to Give Back to Your Fans

Use this technique to create games with a greater good. You can use it to teach your potential clients how to care for the environment or how to embrace a green future. Encourage consumers to track and share their energy consumption and also create games that have them competing to be the best when it comes to energy efficiency.

Remaining Relevant with Consumers’ Needs

Gamification is among the best ways to remind your customers that you care about them. Keep your website content up to date and engaging. Also, create games that reward your customers for visiting your site and any other stuff that can be of monetary value to your business.

Although gamification has a long way to go, the companies using it are already reaping big. Even more, a lot is expected in the future—where this technique will be used as a marketing tool.

Surprisingly, there’s still more that gamification can offer businesses as far as growth and brand building is concerned. So it’s time for NZ online business to embrace its use.