The lottery might be the golden ticket for many in the UK looking to gamble their way to riches, with weekly opportunities to win sums of money capable of changing lives. Prize funds of a similar event, however, are also available to be won at online casinos where the odds are higher than that of winning the Euromillions jackpot.

While poker might be the most well-known of casino games, many online slots are continuing to win over the Internet gambling public. The larger jackpots are almost found coming from games of chance with pooled or progressive jackpots. In such games, some of the losses from a variety of different games are pooled together into one huge jackpot. The amount often rises to over a million pounds. Here are the top five of these hugely profitable games.

5. Gala Bingo

The winner of one of the biggest jackets in the history of Playtech remains anonymous. What we do know, however, is that the player was from Scotland and she won a progressive jackpot while playing Gala Bingo on an Android device in 2016. It was the largest UK jackpot win on a mobile device at the time, although she didn’t quite reach the world record, falling short somewhere around one million pounds of that mark.

Winner Wellzyc said that as soon as she realised she’d won, she was in disbelief and unsure of how she should act. The jackpot changed the winner’s life and provided her family with lifelong security. The first thing on the shopping list was a trip to Disney; mainly for the kids, of course.

4. Mega Fortune

In 2016, one gambler won £6.2 million for Mega Fortune Slot from a £1.25 bet. The winner told the casino that he started out confused after his win when the bonus wheel’s bright lights suddenly disappeared, and he even thought there might have been a bug at work. Once he saw that he’d won the jacket, however, his life was forever changed, proving that you don’t have to be a successful entrepreneur to have it all.

3. Hall of Gods

Another Scottish player had some impressive beginners’ luck after he won a stunning £6.3 million the first time he played at a UK online casino. Neil told Sun readers that he deposited only £30 and struck gold after spinning the reels on Hall of Gods for the first time. After realising he won the jackpot on a £4 spin, he called his family seeking confirmation that he hadn’t fallen victim to a practical joke before it dawned on him that he’d just become a multi-millionaire.

2. Mega Moolah

There isn’t much known about winner D.P. aside from the fact that her £7.9 million win on Mega Moolah slot was record-breaking. Winning on her Android device, the win saw here land the largest mobile progressive jackpot in history, although she decided to remain anonymous.

1. Mega Moolah (Again)

For anyone wondering which game to play to win the big prizes, clearly Mega Moolah is a great place to start. The slot has provided two of the largest wins, with the biggest coming from Jon Heywood after he scooped up a staggering £13.2 million.

Once the soldier landed his 2015 prize on a pitiful 25p bet, he couldn’t believe his good luck. Instead of cashing out and logging off, he continued playing for several days prior to telling anyone about the win.