Mark this into your diaries, people: on 21st November, DUM Biryani House will be honouring the humble biryani with a fitting celebration as DUM founder Dhruv Mittal is inviting three of the capital’s finest chefs to join him for a biryani bash at his Soho restaurant, challenging them to put their own spin on the the traditional Indian rice dish.

Stepping up to the pass for one evening only will be Soho neighbour Judy Joo from Jinjuu, Ghanaian food pioneer Zoe Adjonyoh, and Monika Linton, Spanish food specialist and founder of Brindisa. All three chefs will present their inventive takes on the dish, alongside a one-off special from Dhruv’s team.

Monika will bring her vibrant Spanish flavours to the table, with a baked Spanish rice with cumin crust; bomba rice baked with chicken and rabbit, with a saffron egg and crisp flatbread crust, while Judy will prepare a Korean-inspired pork belly and kimchi dum biryani, served with perilla leaf and yuzu raita. Zoe will be cooking up a dawadawa jollof, spiced with the heady West African aromat. Repesenting the home team, the DUM chefs team will be preparing ‘Kacche Murgh Ki Biryani’, a home recipe from Phani Ketineni, the wife DUM’s stalwart General Manager Gopi.

On arrival at the subterranean Soho space, you’ll be greeted with a welcome cocktail and papads, before sitting down amongst the talented collaborators to taste all four specially created biryanis, as well as two of Dhruv’s signature side dishes and a cooling kulfi for desert.

Tickets cost £50. Bookings can be made at:

DUM Biryani House, 187B Wardour St. London, W1F 8ZB