What does software share in common with basketry, you ask? Why a lot. Too much to be ignored! Making a decent app is as difficult as crafting the perfect juicy delight of a swell-made cake. It’s all about how the chef follows a recipe.

Yep, software development is pretty much like baking. This idea came straight from evenbetgaming.com, a team of prominent casino software developers and was too good not to stick around.  So here’s the deal!

Software development recipe


A cake won’t taste any good unless all of the ingredients are pitched perfectly inn fair share. Every single egg sack or sugar grain has to be of finest quality. Mixing them is not random as well – appropriate strokes and spins of a wrist do men a lot in terms of professional basketry. A shaking hand will never place the cherry on the icing into that one sweet spot that makes the entire composition shine with appealing colors.

Same can be said about a mobile app or even a website. The harmony of interfaces, appropriate place holders for text and visuals, intuitiveness paired with tasty, useful functionality are the ingredients. The way they are mixed is a rare art only the true software chef can master.

What makes the software cake great?

What makes any cake great? Delicious layers, of course! Here’s what they are in terms of bits and bytes. 

  • Transcendence. You as the user or the person to taste the treat are to understand the app as well as all of its features without obnoxious explanations. A person explaining what sweet feels like is not the same as sinking your teeth into the cream, right?
  • Robustness. How will an app react to a crush? Will it save your data or will it die just like a pie left on the table during one of those sunny Saturday afternoons that are so rare in London?
  • Scalability. Applications, if they are of fine quality, must be prepared to what happens next. How will new layers of code or some fancy new truffle fillings add up to the whole picture?
  • Performance. Have you made enough cake to feed all of your guests despite heavy network loads?
  • Effectiveness. Were the guests grateful for the treat? Did they enjoy the feast as much as you want them to?
  • Portability. Will your app work on all platforms? Can your cake be served on anything else than the Queen’s crystal dishes?
  • Security. This element is exceptionally vital to Evenbet Gaming as their team creates software for online casinos meaning a lot of money is involved. So the question is – how protected is your app? Will the guests feel OK after dining at your place?

This pretty much sums up impressive relationships of basketry and software development. Are you enjoying the meal?