If you are even remotely familiar with online slots, then you have probably come across your share of slots themed after Ancient Egypt, Greek myths, or detective/spy novels because there are certainly plenty of them out there! However, what we have for you today is a bunch of online slots that are so strange, they are quite cool to try out. Also, you may have trouble believing that some of them actually exist, for reasons which should become apparent next.

Noah’s Ark by IGT

A Biblical slot may seem improbable for more reasons than one, but they do exist apparently. Believe it or not, IGT has turned the terrifying story of the first biblical apocalypse into a fun and goofy slot game that’s strangely satisfying! Instead of focussing on the actual theme of a global drowning event, Noah’s Ark is a cartoony, ultra-cute slot game with a decent enough jackpot where Noah looks suspiciously similar to one of Santa’s elves! Check out the slot’s core details below:

  • 5×3 Bible-themed video slot with 30 paylines
  • Variable RTP between 93.04% – 94.93%
  • Volatility: Low – medium variance
  • Minimum – maximum bet/spin: 0.01 – 300
  • Maximum possible multiplier: 2,500x the total stake
  • Bonus: Split symbols, Raining Free Spins, scatter symbols, jackpot
  • Mobile Support: Yes

40 Shades of Santa by Paddy Power

Speaking of Santa Clause, what about a mobile-only, exclusive slot game where St. Nick is 10 shades short of being the main character from E. L. James’ 2011 erotica novel? Unbelievable as it may sound, Santa wants more than just milk and cookies, while his sack has toys of a different kind in this slot! Check out the core details next:

  • 5×3 Christmas-themed erotic video slot with 50 paylines
  • RTP: 94.49%
  • Volatility: Low variance
  • Minimum – maximum bet/spin: 0.50 – 25
  • Maximum possible Win: $25,000
  • Bonus: Unknown
  • Mobile Support: Exclusively mobile

Naughty Santa: Milk and Cookies by Habanero

Santa is on the naughty list again because most people can’t access 40 Shades of Santa by Paddy Power these days for some reason. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because Naughty Santa: Milk and Cookies is way better and stranger in every way. The possible payouts are huge and the RTP is too high to ignore.

While the naughty theme is still there, it isn’t as dirty as the previous title. The multiline slot feels quite festive and Christmassy, albeit in a somewhat awkward way. Just make sure that you are playing at an authentic, and well reputed online casino slots website. We have the core details listed for your convenience next.

  • 5×4 (4-3-3-3-4 rows in multiline mode) Christmas-themed multiline video slot with 432 paylines
  • RTP: 97.98%
  • Volatility: High variance
  • Minimum – maximum bet/spin: 0.30 – 6000
  • Maximum possible Win: $345,600,000!
  • Bonus: Free Spins, regular wilds, multiplier wilds, expanding wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, exploding symbols, and fixed jackpots
  • Mobile Support: Full

Machine Gun Unicorn by Genesis Gaming

If the title makes you imagine a unicorn wielding a machine gun, you are only half-right. The main unicorn (it isn’t the only weird mythical beast in this slot) does have a machine gun, but it is embedded in its head, where the horn should be. Then there are the somewhat anthropomorphic unicorns wielding regular swords and crimson-tinted baseball bats to support Machine Gun Unicorn and the yellow unicorn who is slashing necks with an axe clutched in its jaws!

One may ask why is it that the cute unicorns are so violent in this slot game? The answer is simple enough: their land is being invaded by hungry, human zombies of course. In case you are somewhat incredulous and baffled by the ridiculous theme setting, then you will love playing the slot itself. Also, there is a dragon in this slot, who is also a unicorn… Check out the strange game’s interesting core details below:

  • 5×3 fantasy-themed video slot with 10 paylines
  • RTP: 97.19%
  • Volatility: High variance
  • Minimum – maximum bet: 0.10 – 25
  • Maximum possible multiplier: Unknown
  • Bonus: Free Spins, wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, exploding zombie head symbols, jackpot
  • Mobile Support: Full

By now, you should have enough weirdly cool games on your list to keep you busy for a while. Only make sure that you don’t end up at a risky online casino while searching for them.