Millions of people use the tube every day. Whether it is for the daily commute, a cross London trip, or even tourists heading around the city, there are hundreds of tubes running on a daily basis. Sometimes the journey can feel a tad monotonous, with the same routine getting a bit dull day after day. So why not try and create a bit of entertainment for your journey. 

Look at slot machines

Slot machines can be a great way to break the cycle as you make your way to work in the morning. It might be difficult initially due to being underground, but thanks to certain parts of the tube network now have 4G connectivity, it is possible to connect and enjoy the slot machines as a fun pastime. If it Is just to kill a bit of time, you can just have a few spins to break up the cycle, especially on a shorter journey. Say if you were traveling from Charing Cross to Euston. With it being a fifteen-minute journey on the tube, a quick whirl on the slots or even a short round of poker could be all you need. 

Traveling with friends can be more fun

When it gets to longer journeys, especially if you are traveling with friends, it might be worth looking at what multiplayer options are available. This can make the time go faster as you are all in it together, but it can also make it more entertaining as a game of one-upmanship begins. You could set challenges for each other on games of roulette, and rather than playing for real money, you could set a series of incentives amongst yourselves. This could give the games more excitement and a fun way to make it feel like there are real stakes you are playing for. 

Set yourself rewards

Once again, though, if you are traveling alone, there are options for you. You could play a little bit of blackjack or maybe baccarat and then reward yourself, depending on how well you do. This could be something simple like determining what you have for lunch that day. A big win could let you go to somewhere more expensive like Subway or Pret a Manger, whereas smaller wins would be rewarded with a pound shop sandwich. 

When it comes to OnlineCasinos, there are two major benefits. One, you can access them from pretty much anywhere, such is the versatility of mobile gaming, and secondly, it makes it possible for you to dictate what you play and how you play it. With so much flexibility around online casino gaming, it makes it so much easier for other people to access it, and as an end result, it can be more enjoyable.

On the whole, riding the tube can be boring, but with the right incentives, you can make it far more enjoyable for yourself with online casino gaming. Just take the time to try various different games depending on the journey, and you will eventually work out what works out best for you and your journey.