The first time you arrive at an in-house casino, the first thing that you notice is a busy environment where everyone is focused on something. Things can be pretty intimidating for a neophyte, especially if you came alone and the casino doesn’t offer beginner crash courses for newcomers.

Most gamers lose interest in playing when the rules of a game aren’t entirely clear to them. Mansion casino reviews help us understand the importance of having a player (especially beginners) know the rules of casino games before playing. This way, they’re not just playing to be a part of it; they can also enjoy every process within the game. Another option is to play live casino online at ICE36.

While that’s the case, it’s not every day you see an in-house casino offering beginner lessons on the casino games that they host. Also, most online casinos typically assume that you already know how to play the game before visiting their site, even though that’s not usually the case. If you’re trying out a casino anytime soon, it’ll be wise to know a couple of games beforehand, so you can have fun and make the most of your time there.

Casino Games Every Beginner Should Start with

Most casino games are easy to play – even beginners get a quick hang of it just by seeing others play. Although not all casino games exactly fit this description, we’ll be listing the popular ones that do for you to try out next time you visit a casino.


Playing the roulette wheel is one of your most accessible options if you’re looking for easy casino games to get you into the casino gaming lifestyle. Although knowing where and when to place your bets can be tricky at first, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.

Ideally, you want to start with 50/50 bets, which involves betting on an outcome with a 50% chance of happening against another with equal probability. For example, there are 18 odd and even numbers on the wheel except the green zero, which means all bets lose. You then bet on the ball falling on an odd number – such a bet has a 50/50 outcome. There are also different strategies you can look up when you feel comfortable with the game.


Understanding roulette puts you on the right track to knowing how blackjack works. Your goal is to use a combination of cards (with an ace valued as 1 or 11) to be as close to 21 without going past the number. It’s normal if you’re conservative in your first few games, but you’d want to loosen up going forward.

While that’s the case, most online casinos offer free blackjacks to play, even though you don’t earn anything. More so, it’s one of the most popular games you can find on PC, especially if you’re still running on windows 8 or 10.


You probably already know how to roll a dice and perhaps how to play – playing the game in a casino isn’t too far away from what you’re already thinking. You roll the dice hoping to get a specific number; in situations where you don’t get it at the first roll, you get to go again. Unlike Blackjack or Roulette, there’s not a lot of practice or technique to master it – the whole concept of the game merely teaches you your odds of winning casino games.


Poker is arguably the most popular type of casino game. Although it’s pretty tricky to master compared to the others above, it’s still a good game for beginners to start because there are a lot of online resources to practice with. More so, you don’t need any special equipment or setups to begin practising. There are different types of poker games, with each having a specific way they’re played.

Casino gaming is a great way to catch up and reconnect with friends. Aside from enjoying the game alone, you bond better with others when you form a tag team to try and beat the house. Other bonding activities like seeing movies, watching sports, or handling DIYs together are proven ways to strengthen relationships