Foosball Club is the new hub for all things table football-related and is the first of its kind to hit the streets of London with its closest rivals only having two tables.

The North London hangout features four championship grade tables with custom lighting, while the bar is fully stocked providing plenty of social lubricants to keep things light-hearted with everyone’s favourites tipples while the food will come in the circular cheese form…pizza.

Foosball Club: The Lowdown

The décor of the space is all things foosball related; for the serious players, there’s a chance to learn moves and trick shots via the wall-mounted screens. For the amateur looking for fun, it’s a fascinating dive into the world of professional foosball and the skill required to get there. The space has a light-hearted atmosphere with the opportunity to get serious if desired.

Foosball Club: Food and Drink

Food comes in that perfect circular oven-baked goodness. Cooked fresh in the pizza oven the homegrown pizzas come in all the usual formats. Highlights include: Cotto ham with wild mushrooms, mozzarella and Pomodoro, and the fan favourite – fennel sausage, caramelised red onion, spinach, mozzarella and Pomodoro. For added convenience, a pizza and craft beer can be pre-ordered online for £12.50.

Foosball Club: Coronavirus Safe

Given the current situation with COVID, Foosball Club have put extra precaution into the format. All bookable areas are over two metres apart giving people the chance to relax whilst playing while all coins needed to use the machines are pre-sealed and washed after each use as well as extra sanitisation across all areas after each use, and food/drink orders can be done through a dedicated app.

Foosball Club, 203 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL