What do food pictures on Twitter have to do with cancer awareness? Apparently, a whole lot if you are particularly concerned about male specific cancers. Quite a few campaigns for prostate cancer awareness have been launched in the past with much success, but male specific cancers encompass a wide variety of cancers that are a serious health risk to the male population. If you are a fan and user of Twitter, you can let your fingers do the talking by posting your favourite Meat and 2 Veg meal pictures on the popular social networking platform. Ladbrokes have joined up with Orchid for this campaign as a way of making people aware of the growing epidemic. More men with male specific cancers can be treated and live long and productive lives if they start doing self screenings regularly.

Why the #MeatAnd2Veg Hashtag Anyways?


It might cause uncontrollable blushing or stir up a colourful conversation or two, but the #MeatAnd2Veg hashtag is effective for a number of reasons. It was actually chosen because it is memorable, and also because it raises the important question should be asking themselves; as a matter of fact, have you checked your meat and two vegetables lately? Yearly visits to the doctor are important, but in the time between check-ups, male specific cancers can develop and grow to devastating proportions. And that’s basically what the #MeatAnd2Veg hashtag is all about. Getting attention and spreading the word is simply what it takes to make a critical difference.

Can Self Screenings Really Save Lives?

Self screening certainly won’t solve the problem of male specific cancers on its own, but it is a necessary step in the battle. The earlier you are able to get into a doctor’s office after noticing potential symptoms of testicular, penile or prostate cancer, the higher your rate of survival. It doesn’t always take years for male specific cancers to cause damage. In as little as a few months, male specific cancers can become fatal. Screening yourself and talking to your male friends and relatives about its importance can absolutely save lives.

What’s On Your Plate?

The possibilities for the #MeatAnd2Veg campaign are nearly endless. Think of your family recipes, your personal creations, even share recipes with friends – as long as it is in line with the #MeatAnd2Veg theme, you can take a picture of what’s on your plate to help promote the message. Let your followers know that you’re cooking for a good cause and encourage them to join in this campaign to eradicate male specific cancers. Try taking pictures of your delectable meals from different angles so that you have plenty of ways to entice those casually browsing through your feed. You never know whose palate you’ll tempt and whose life you can save.

There are multiple causes that have found their home on social media, with Twitter working exceptionally well to help promote awareness to worthy campaigns. Some awareness campaigns require advocates to run miles or solicit donations, but this one is very simple. Cook some meat and vegetables, take a picture and type the #Meatand2Veg hashtag to help men all over the world.