There are times – as we all know all too well – when you just need something to take your mind off things. What it is and where you find distraction can take a million myriad different forms, but being able to take a mini mental getaway – if only for a few moments – can make all the difference in the world.

Meditation is an obvious candidate, but – and here’s the snag – to be able to drop into the sort of focussed mind-set that makes for a good meditation, you need to be able to all-too-consciously put your troubles to one side before you begin. It’s like telling someone with a broken leg to walk to the hospital to get help. If you’re starting from scratch it’s the sort of advice that for all its good intent isn’t actually that much help at all.

What you need is something that is capable to absorbing your energies in a positive and regarding way, irrespective of the time, the place, the context or the company. It has to be a world all of its own, a sort of haven for your thoughts where everything else is just left at the door. Here are three great mental holiday apps for getting your mind away from it all.

Positive relaxation


If tackling stress head on is your preferred recuperative pathway, there are some really neat relaxation apps that are specifically designed to lower your pulse, ease your breathing and get you into the sort of tranquil state where you can at least begin to take stock and see the wood for the trees. So called white noise apps are really handy for cutting you off from the outside world and gently lulling you into the more easy rhythm that this involves. The free Calm app is the perfect set up to a more full on meditative immersion, although it certainly is not the only one out there.

Calm encourages exactly the right sort of forgiving self-regard that enables you to step aside from the stress of the moment and let the world whizz by as you glide down into the sort of dreamy netherworld that is the perfect preamble to a more concentrated immersion.

by  MoyanBrenn

The great mental escape


Sometimes, though, you need to be more energetic in how you bust hat stress. A casino app is a perfect case in point. There are any number of them out there: 32Red, 888, William Hill – a quick search will introduce you to hundreds. At 32Redwhich is a much recognised industry leader, you don’t have to play for real cash – unless you want to – you can just lose yourself in the mental exercise of working out where the numbers, cards or patterns stack up best – enjoying the tension and the rewards of playing on your own terms and at your own pace. It’s like the best sort of maths puzzles with a colourful spike of excitement thrown into the mixture just to keep you on your toes. It is, without meaning to be mean, a big step up from a Sudoku.

Mind, Body and Soul

And if you really need to get physically as well as mentally recharged the Cody app is the perfect way to get mind and body aligned along the same self-regenerating path. Cody is an app that lets you share your workout and fitness programme with other subscribers (the app is free) so that you’re constantly being motivated to push yourself just that little bit more. At times when motivation may not be at its maximum it is a fairly gentle way to get you moving – there are plenty of apps that are a lot more brutal, but when you’re feeling a little bruised, you need to go easy on yourself. Life’s tough enough without being bullied by an exercise app.

There is no doubt about it, stretching yourself physically, mentally and spiritually are tremendous stress destroyers. Exercise – mental and physical – releases endorphins that produce a natural high, doing away with depressive thoughts and focusing in a positive energising way on You, on who You are and who You want to become. That’s a wholly positive focus.