Sports betting is probably the most beautiful minor matter of sport. In Germany, several million people now take part in sports betting on a regular basis. The market for online bookmakers, which has been allowed to exist in Germany since 2011, has been experiencing a veritable boom since then. With the great demand from customers, the number of providers also increased. There are currently several hundred bookmakers competing for customers. One betting provider has particularly high odds, another has a high welcome bonus and yet another does not charge a betting tax. There are some facts that should be clarified before choosing a betting provider. However these are usually individual requests, which each customer interprets and evaluates differently. However, there are also some basic criteria that a betting provider must meet in any case. What these are is explained in the following article.

The own requirements to the bookmaker

If you are looking for a suitable betting provider, you will first come across a confusing offer. In principle, you can create a user account with all bookmakers and place bets on it. There is no obstacle or regulation which would prohibit this. The majority of professional bettors do this in order to be able to access the different odds. They vary from provider to provider. This enables smart players to take a better odds on a betting option than players who only have one user account. Before reading the account created with a bookmaker, the most important criteria are put to the test. An often mentioned topic is the average amount of odds. But this is not the only decisive thing, because for most people sports betting is a hobby and not a kind of income. Therefore the offer of sports and the possible betting options is usually the decisive factors, which are interpreted differently from customer to customer.

The licence for gambling

The first step in choosing the right betting provider is to determine what you expect from the bookmaker. Then the basic requirements come into play. The most important criterion for a trustworthy and serious bookmaker is the license for gambling. Sport bets are regulated in Germany by the gambling law, therefore a supplier of sport bets needs, like an on-line Casino also, a license for gambling. Since the industry in Germany is still very young, the majority of licenses come from abroad. A German licence for gambling, for example, comes from Schleswig-Holstein. Other countries from which the licenses originate are Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, England and a handful of other countries. The licences come from these countries because gambling has been allowed there for a long time, which clearly defines the legislation. This benefits the company because it can plan its activities on the market on a solid legal basis and customers can feel safe under legal protection.

The certificates and awards

A license is the basis for a company to present its offer legally and in a verified manner. If there is no license on a provider’s homepage, this is a bad sign and you should look for another bookmaker. A betting provider may also have several licenses from different countries. It is similar with certificates and awards. The certificates come from different testing agencies, which can be private as well as public origin. From Germany the certificates originate from the TÜV as well as the Lotteriegesellschaft. Furthermore, awards are given for the offer, performance and service of a provider. After a bookmaker has rendered a service, awards are given for it, as for products or other services. The more awards and licenses a betting provider has, the better and more qualitative it is. As a rule, the certificates received are displayed directly on the start page next to the license. There is also a detailed test for an award or certificate, in which individual points, for example the betting offer, the payment methods or the bonus payment are evaluated with an explanation.

The overall appearance of the betting provider

The search for a suitable betting provider can be made much easier by checking the offer on trustworthy platforms. On all licensed bookmakers are listed, including the most important details at a glance. This speeds up the process tremendously and the wide range of bookmakers can be selected further using a search function. Individual criteria can be selected, such as a particular sport or the payment option with crypto currencies, which resorts the list of bookmakers. The best hits can then be checked one last time. The appearance of the provider plays a role here. On the one hand the side must have a respectable appearance. The more popular a provider is, the more secure the page is. A further crucial factor is the overview of the offer and the achievements. This also includes customer service and how well it can be reached – and of course how competently it helps. With regard to the overview, it must also be checked how clear the page is when placing bets. This is especially important if you are interested in live betting. Another important point is the provision of information. On the one hand about the betting provider himself and on the other hand about sports and betting. In this area you can also read tips and tricks from experienced players, which give new customers advice on how to successfully place sports bets.

The opinions about a provider

If all factors are checked, you can open an account without worries. If you are still unsure and have unanswered questions, you can solve the last doubts in two ways. You contact the customer service of a bookmaker, who will also help non-customers who are thinking about creating an account. It is also possible to directly determine how helpful, reachable, competent and friendly the contact persons are. The second way, of course one can do both, which holds twice better, leads over the opinions of the customers. There are numerous Internet sites on which users publicly disclose and discuss their opinions. On the basis of the information one can read in advance how user-friendly, qualitative and safe a provider is. However, one must mention that opinions sometimes diverge strongly and end in conversations on different topics. In addition, if you read customer reviews, you should visit several pages for them. A handful of online casinos have already reported that customer reviews were forged. Nevertheless, the opinions of the users are usually helpful in the decision.