Few cities are capable of offering the quality of nightlife that London boasts. After all, the city is home to a host of exciting restaurants and bars which are perfect for enjoying a meal out and sharing a few drinks with friends and family.

However, what if you want to do more than simply eat and drink on your evening out? For those seeking something a bit different, gaming could be a great option. Here we take a look at just a few of our ideas on activities you could embrace to bring even more fun to your time with loved ones.


Shuffleboard is an old-school game that has risen like a phoenix from the flames to become popular once again. Basically a game not too dissimilar to curling, it is now played in a range of establishments with London Shuffle in Shoreditch offering it in both table and floor-based formats. Not only is it incredibly easy to get into, but it is a huge amount of fun to boot.


Casino gaming has enjoyed a resurgence recently thanks to online services, with the popularity of the pastime leading many sites to offer generous casino bonuses as they compete against each other for new members. If you’ve tried your hand at such games online, why not impress your friends by showcasing your skills at a glamorous land-based establishment? There are plenty in London, with notable names including the Empire Casino in Leicester Square.

Arcade games

You can’t beat the classics when it comes to video gaming and many bars have cottoned on to this fact, with some now offering access to old-school and retro experiences including classic consoles and arcade machines.

The Evening Standard has pulled together an impressive list of sites where you can experience such fun in London, with key names including Four Quarters and Loading.

Escape rooms

Seemingly out of nowhere, the concept of escape rooms has become massive in recent years. The activities are a great way to kick an evening off and really give you a chance to challenge yourself before you have one too many cocktails.

Notable escape rooms to look out for in London include Mission: Breakout, which is incredibly based in a disused underground station.

Ten-pin bowling

A classic game that is sadly too often overlooked, ten-pin bowling remains a great activity that can allow you to flex some competitive muscles at the beginning of a night.

Plenty of bowling alleys can be found in London, with the All Star Lanes sites in both Holborn and Brick Lane being particularly great places to showcase your skills and enjoy the thrill of a few strikes along the way.

Get involved in the action

Gaming has truly re-emerged as a key part of many people’s nights out and there are great locations across London where you, your friends and loved ones can get involved in the action.

We hope the activities mentioned above have given you some idea of what you could get up to on your next night out in the capital.