The gaming industry has a reputation for being a large, profitable industry. However, in recent years there has been a rapid increase in gaming in the UK. The advancement of technology has contributed to a large part of that increase.

Online sites have also been a major contributor to the gaming industry’s overall growth. Casino fans are drawn to online games because they can play whenever and wherever they want to. There are also more games available online. For example, Roulette is available in many more versions online than offline, including classic high and low stakes versions and exclusive versions like Deal or No Deal.

Video Gaming Haunts 

There are several locations that are spicing things up for gamers. This little twist to simple gaming is adding to the growth of the gaming industry in the UK.

Located in Hackney, Draughts London provides an exclusive place with the first ever board game café. There are limited hours available but the different twist to gaming with a nostalgic spin has shown an increase in attendance.

Playing on the nostalgic, Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes has a retro American theme that attracts guests to bowling. But for those gamers with other interests, Bloomsbury also provides private Karaoke rooms and an indoor cricket simulator.

For more serious gamers, The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square has three floors worth of some of the most popular game options, like blackjack, roulette, and slots. Also playing on the nostalgic, The Hippodrome Casino has retro arcade game rooms and a style that feels straight out of some classic movie scenes.

Women in Gaming 

As gaming has become a more accepted form of entertainment, it’s no surprise that the gender divide is pretty equal. However, recently, more women have been attracted to the gaming industry which has helped it to boom in the UK.

Besides the health benefits, gaming, specifically online gaming, provides a close knit community that connects many women that wouldn’t otherwise be connected. There are groups and online chat rooms that provide added communication for a very distinct group, unavailable outside the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality Gaming 

As mentioned previously, advancements in technology have added to the growth of the gaming industry in the UK. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to the popularity of virtual reality in gaming.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have entered the technology space by storm. Years ago, virtual reality goggles hit the market and were instantly a hot item. Now, the ability for online games to enter a gaming facility without actually leaving their homes has increased its popularity.

In addition, virtual reality gaming has allowed online gamers to play anywhere. This constant availability of popular games has been a huge factor.

Popular Games 

Some of the most popular games in the gaming industry have always kept gamers returning. Those are some of the games that created the gaming industry and remain favorites today.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the UK. Played with a card deck of 52 cards, each player must attempt to have a hand that gets them to 21, or closest to it, without going over. The fun and competitive game keeps people playing in casinos and online.

Slot machines have provided an easy outlet for gamers to choose whichever theme they prefer. The added variety of slot machine games entertains any type of gamer, both in casinos and online.

Roulette keeps gamers interested with a simple motto: big risk, big rewards. As one of the oldest and most popular games, Roulette rewards gamers that risk big on specific numbers or simple 50/50 bets. It continues to be a game that draws all types of gamers.

Whether gamers choose casino games or video games, the growth of the gaming industry in the UK has been sparked by many factors. The most prevalent contributors to the gaming industry’s growth include the internet and the variety available, which have made games more interesting and accessible to consumers.