We’ve just had some hot news come in. Boiling in fact. Smith & Sinclair (you know, those boozy sweets?). Well they’re opening their own flavour room on Carnaby Street on Friday (3rd March). But what exactly is a flavour room, and why exactly should we go? We’ve heard your questions, and funnily enough, we’re going to answer them. Here’s what you need to know about London’s hottest new pop-up:

The Flavour Rooms: What 

Challenging all previous perceptions of how alcohol should be consumed, Smith & Sinclair deconstruct cocktails into weird and wonderful creations and curate extraordinary experiences. Following the success of pop­ups at Sanderson and Bluewater in 2016, the award-­winning London company return with The Flavour Rooms, Carnaby.

The Flavour Rooms: The Run-Down

But it’s not just sweets that you’re going to find at The Flavour Rooms. There’s so, so much more. Think Willy Wonka has opened his factory, and you’ve all received a golden ticket. Partnering with Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Smith & Sinclair will present a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar downstairs serving a bespoke collection of four Tanqueray cocktails which everyone are encouraged to get creative with, letting their imaginations run wild and experimenting with their own edible garnishes. We’re talking about wacky flavour combos and all kinds of deliciously different toppings.

Once their cocktails have been shaken and stirred, Smith & Sinclair have developed an array of garnishes for that suitably flavoursome flourish; choose from edible perfumes, gin oils and spherification balls that pop in the mouth. Ooo-er.

Upstairs will showcase Smith & Sinclair’s renowned alcoholic and edible creations including its signature cocktail pastilles, alcoholic bubbles, cocktail-infused vapours, alcoholic dib dabs and more. Try your hand at creating an edible perfume with that delectable smell and taste, or go hell for leather on the pastille pick ‘n’ mix where you can mix and match a selection of Smith & Sinclair‘s trademark alcoholic cocktail pastilles across 12 flavours including Gin & Tonic and Whisky Sour.

The Flavour Rooms: Don’t Miss 

But the pièce de résistance is the edible bubbles and vapours. It’s like Heston Blumenthal went wild with some dry ice and scents. It’s a chance for you to inhale the essence of cocktail flavours with cascading vapour infused with spirits along with edible cocktail bubbles.

The Flavour Room: The Details 

Reservations for the Tanqueray Experimental Garnish Bar need to be made in advance at £12 per person and include a Smith & Sinclair edible cocktail, a Tanqueray cocktail and a range of garnishes to indulge in.

The bar is open to over 18s only and tickets are available here. Perfume workshops start from £35 per person and can be booked here.
 8 Ganton Street, London W1F 7QP. For more information on The Flavour Rooms, visit their website.