It may be a bold claim, but in the 21st century few companies have had such an enduring influence as that of Marvel Comics over the mainstream media. With three films in the top ten grossing films of all-time bearing the Marvel imprint, it’s a testament to how the brand has managed to reinvent itself for the modern multimedia environment. Here’s what you need to know about Marvel Comics:

Marvel Comics: Movie Success

The movies based on Marvel Comics have made it the world’s highest-grossing movie franchise having earned over $18 billion in global film revenues. But the movie company has come a long way since it made its first tentative steps with 1986’s mildly-amusing Howard The Duck.

It was in 2000 that Marvel really hit the ground running with X-Men. This revealed a range of swiftly-iconic characters that provided a much-needed burst of adrenaline and fun to the world-weary cinema-going audiences. From here Marvel quickly released a string of massively-successful films featuring titles such as Iron Man, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy that not only drew huge audiences to the cinemas, but also gained some prestigious Academy Awards for their high-octane action.

Marvel Comics: Commercial Appeal

In a way, the arrival of Marvel onto the movie scene was perfectly timed to revive the artform from the perils of the online revolution. Rather than suffer the fate of the much-maligned music industry that felt the effects of digital piracy, Marvel’s films rose to the occasion with some incredible special effects and computer-aided action that could only be really appreciated on the big screen.

It was such innovation that saw Disney make the move to buy out Marvel Comics in an incredible $4 billion takeover that was perfectly calculated to enable both brands to enjoy a much more symbiotic relationship.

As a result, Marvel has seen its characters become increasingly popular in a variety of media formats. These have ranged from simple merchandising such as Wolverine action figures, to even a selection of online games at Mr Smith Casino that bear the Marvel imprint alongside classics like the Royal Masquerade slots game that offers gamers a whole new environment to enjoy the lucrative gaming experience. The popularity of such cartoon icons in the online casino format is a testament to how these figures have been proven to provide a friendly aesthetic touch which undoubtedly adds to the already-attractive cash winnings and constantly-updated promotions.

Marvel Comics: Entertainment Options

From here, it seems like the modern Marvel experience knows no bounds. Whether it be a live-action staging of the Broadway musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark that is currently on tour across the United States, or even the renewed Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series, it seems that Marvel’s success will be with us for a long time yet.