With the advent of the internet, casinos have undergone something of a renaissance in recent years.  Online casinos have become increasingly popular, whereby people who might once have been nervous or reluctant to enter a real casino can now comfortably spend time playing games at home in some of the best online casinos in the UK. However, such people have typically now acquired the courage to venture out and visit casino establishments for real, so as to hone their skills within an actual social environment. After all, it’s one thing to play online, but quite another to experience the reality of walking through a casino door.

Casino etiquette

Movies often create the illusion that frequenting casinos requires having to learn a host of secret languages and signals, which might be expected of the initiated. However, this isn’t actually the case.

To visit a casino, simply dressing smart and casual will be fine. There’s no need for luxurious dinner jackets, as is often displayed in your average James Bond movie. That said, jeans and trainers would not be appropriate in any way, so it would be best leave those behind.

Although playing alone at the slots can be easy, it presents very little opportunity for any form of socialising, whereas table games provide much more fun and aren’t as complex as they might seem. Playing online will provide the opportunity to brush up on the rules of the games. You’ll find many online casinos with good reviews on Turboluck. You’ll also have nothing to worry about as you hit the casino grounds, as the croupier or dealer will always welcome new players as they join the table and are there to provide assistance. If you’re unsure, just sit and observe for a couple of minutes before joining in. If you meet a blackjack table mid-shoe, check with the dealer and other players to ensure there are no objections for you to join in. Be sure to always pay attention to the dealer and follow the rules accordingly. A “no-more-bets” call means just that.

Some of the most popular casinos in London

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned casino goer (of the traditional dinner jacket and martini in hand type) or a millennial who’s out for a fun night with friends, London’s casino culture caters to all. In short, it’s got you covered!

The Ritz Casino

The Ritz Casino is probably the most popular casino in London. Walking through the doors often feels like stepping back in time, as you’re surrounded by luxury and age old elegance. To enter, you either have to be a member of the Ritz Club or an accompanying guest. Traditional dress codes are strictly observed. It will therefore serve you well to freshly press your nice cocktail dress or dinner jacket.


Maxims has recently undergone a multimillion pound renovation project. It has a history dating back 150 years and was once the place to be in London’s West End. With its 26 gaming tables, a la carte restaurant and whisky bars, luxury and opulence are the keywords here. Some tables go as high as 25,000 Euro limits.

The Hippodrome

If you’re out for fun of the loud and brash variety, visit the Hippodrome in Leicester Square. You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for in any of Hippodrome’s five floors and 45 gaming tables. Here, you’ll find the latest electronic games, hundreds of slots, as well as popular favourites such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.