London has a reputation for being home to someone the most famous landmarks in the world; Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament to name but a few. Tourists flock to the capital to see these pieces of history for themselves, and many will leave unaware of the hidden jewels that are the Mayfair Casinos.

Steeped in History

It was in 1828 that Crockford’s opened the first exclusive gambling experience in London. The draw was the most prominent and wealthiest members of society include the rich, famous and royal. It was not long before many other casinos started to appear and now there are facilities in most towns, but nothing quite beats the exclusivity of the casinos of Mayfair.

It is Who You Know

These venues continue to be maintained to the highest of standards, and they are closed communities that require membership before you can even set foot in the hallowed halls. They will hold strict codes of behaviour, standards of dress and other factors. You would do well to maintain the confidentiality of players in the venue should you ever get the chance to be invited as you won’t be returning if you try and gossip about who and what you have seen. These are rich playgrounds where you will see many stars and members of the royal family.

Stay for a Meal

In some venues, the private and exclusive rooms may simply be behind secure doors, and in others, the whole venue will be on lockdown. If you are able to access the public areas, you will be able to glimpse the standard of dining that makes up the menus for these VIP guests. So, sit down to a fine dining meal, and enjoy the feeling of privilege. There will also be a range of tournaments on offer even in the private member’s areas as these are a requirement of the venue’s gambling licence. Some of the world’s most high-rolling poker tournaments take place in the casinos of Mayfair and attract international players from all over the globe.

Crockford’s Mayfair

Of course, the original and best still remains very much in business in Mayfair. Crockford’s takes its name from founder William Crockford who wanted to create a venue of splendour, an exclusive club that was so elegant that the aristocrats, royalty, diplomats and elite would want to spend time there. It continues to be a private, members-only casino that offers patrons a casino and dining experience with a focus on customer service 24/7.

Palm Beach Mayfair

Ok, so there is no beach, and definitely no palm trees but the reputation for an exclusive high-stakes casino is very much at the heart of this venue located in the heart of Mayfair. Operating by casino giants Genting there is a good chance of getting membership here if you can demonstrate the criteria they are looking for. With the best table games, private parties and plenty of concierge-type services on offer it is worth checking out.