There are not many of us that do not enjoy planning for a great night out and part of that planning is deciding what to wear. Wearing the right outfit for the venue can make or break a night out as being under or overdressed can lead to a feeling of ‘not fitting in.’

If we take as an example a night out at the casino, as a guest of the establishment you are expected to dress in a certain way, honouring the casinos request means that you will most certainly fit in with other gamblers in the casino which, if you are visiting for the first time, will help you feel far more comfortable and relaxed, which will make your evening out far more enjoyable.

Today, there are many venues that do not have a specific dress code, and these establishments would expect their gamblers to wear ‘smart, casual’ wear which would means shirt and trousers, and for the ladies something elegant – jeans and trainers would still be frowned upon even though the cost of some designer jeans and trainers can be astronomical.

However, the higher-end casinos require their guests to wear certain items of clothing and we have to remember that the word ‘casino’ actually means different things to different people. If you are ne of those that conjures up luxurious builds with opulent furnishings then dressing ‘up’ makes perfects sense. If, however, you view a casino night out as visiting one of the very modern establishments that are not steeped in history then dressing ‘up’ could seem extreme.

But if you want to fit in and feel comfortable, perhaps impress those about you then getting it right is important.

Possibly the most formal dress is ‘Black Tie’ (there is one more formal type of dress called ‘white Tie’ but these events are very rare.) This mode of styling expects the men t wear a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, a n evening waistcoat and a dinner jacket (dark colours) finished off with smart shoes. Think James Bond and you won’t be far from the mark.

Some establishments will accept a dark suit coupled with a white dress shirt a conservative tie and smart shoes to finish the look – as a rule of thumb getting in touch with the casino prior to your night out and asking if there is a specific dress-code can eliminate all mistakes beforehand.

If getting dressed up to the nines simply makes you shiver inside but you still want to enjoy the thrill of the casino then think about playing on a selection of live online casino games which are streamed to your screen in real time from a real bricks and mortar establishment. From the comfort of your armchair you can enjoy live games hosted by a live dealer or croupier who can interact with you via the chat feature included. You might have to wait for your seat (as you would at any casino) but playing live games could not be any closer to the real thing and are well worth trying out.