London loves a food concept; single item restaurants, vegan junk food and fancy food courts have all gained popularity this year. But there’s one food concept that has taken eating to new dizzy heights…quite literally. As the name suggests, Dining in the Sky is where you, well, eat in the sky.

After a sell out run last year the team are back once again. And for the first time ever there will be three tables simultaneously lifting guests 100 feet in the air to enjoy incredible food, drinks and magical views of the city.

Dining in the Sky: What to Expect

Back in town from 5th – 15th July, guests will experience sky high, alfresco dining as they’re securely fastened at ground level before being lifted 100ft in the air to enjoy a breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or late-night cocktails. We managed to nab a sit at a dinner viewing last year, and it was a pretty mad experience.  It’s a bit like a being strapped into a rollercoaster, with less loops and more gourmet nosh.

Dining in the Sky: The Menus

For the first time in London three Sky Tables seating 22 guests each will run simultaneously. Pascal Aussignac from Michelin-starred Club Gascon, The Dairy’s Robin Gill and Lee Westcott have designed lunch and dinner menus specifically for the festival and will take-over a table each. And in addition will present the menus themselves, personally cooking for guests at their tables on the 6th and 13th July.

The pop-up serves breakfast (£50pp), brunch (£60pp), lunch (£125pp), high tea (£75pp), dinner and sunset dinner (£150-£250pp) and cocktails (£75pp) with flights running from 8.30am to 10.30pm each day.

For more information and to book tickets – see here