Come on, we’ve all been there. If we’ve not got work, school or university to get to, it’s so easy to just stick on Netflix and be done with it. How much is it these days? Like £5.99? At that price, it’s an absolute steal, and you’d be crazy not to take full advantage. Whether you’re doing the whole ‘Netflix and Chill’ thing, or literally just chilling with Netflix, here’s how to get the most from your money.

Go on, add to those 43 billion hours of Netflix that were watched worldwide in 2015… The company reported a revenue of $6.77 billion last year – they must be doing something right…

Seek Out Recommended Titles

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They don’t say something is recommended for the good of your health. In fact, Netflix uses sophisticated algorithms the company’s 800 engineers keep tinkering with to guess what you’ll like based on what you’ve already seen. Of course, it can be so much better to stick to what you already know, especially for an easy life, but in all honesty, your new favourite show in the WHOLE WORLD could be waiting for you to discover it. Just give it a try!

Play Netflix Roulette

Is recommended titles not quite daring enough for you? Did you know there’s such a thing as Netflix Roulette? Well, now you do. Heading to this site will literally ensure that you get the most random of titles from the catalogue assigned to you, and then you have to make yourself the deal to actually stick to it. Pick a category, and then spin. Or just go for something totally off the wall. However, this online tool can be much more than random.

Based on the popular casino game of the roulette, which Statista reports is the 4th favourite of U.S. casino goers, Netflix Roulette takes randomising your outcome to a more sophisticated level. Unlike actual roulette, which has 37 or 38 different pockets, Netflix Roulette chooses from thousands of titles. But just like roulette, where you can combine different bets to make the odds work in your favour, you can use the site’s different categories to make your search fit your interests or even enable the search by viewer ratings, to ensure you end up with something most subscriber find good – or even bad.

Whether you are a casino game enthusiast or leaving your choice of film to lady luck simply sounds like a refreshing, original change from AI functions that learn your preferences, Netflix Roulette seems like a good idea. You might have seen it before, you might not have even heard of it… but that’s all part of the magic. Roulette is always fun, so if you really get a thing for it, you can get yet more thrills from the roulette wheel at an online casino.

It’s All About The Snacks

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When you’re in for the long haul with Netflix, you’re going to want to be armed with an abundance of snacks. It’s not just about popcorn (although there are literally millions of combinations you can try out), it’s about loads of things. It’s always best to make sure you’re super hungry before a season marathon, for example, as it makes it that much more enjoyable. If these Mac & Cheese medleys don’t do it for you, we seriously don’t know what will! Just stock up in advance, because nobody likes to forget their faves. If all else fails, just order pizza, or even something more sophisticated delivered to your door.

You Need To Ensure Suitable Comfort

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If you’re getting serious about Netflix, you need somewhere super comfy to enjoy the TV and movies you’re about to binge on. A bed always works best, lined with pillows and cushions galore. However, you know you can always build a fort, right? Might sound childish, but the cosier the better. If you can’t create actual warmth, you can at least create the illusion of it. Check out these winter warmers, and work on recreating them at home!

Choose Your Company Wisely

So, you’re binging and your friend just won’t stop talking. Can anything be more annoying? Actually, maybe. What about that one friend who literally never shuts up guessing the plot? Or that idiot your flatmate knows who gets really smug with spoilers? The company you choose for your Netflix sessions can seriously make or break your experience. You’d expect that Netflix having more than 75,000,000 subscribers would mean people had finally learned the rule of no spoilers, but alas. To be a true Netflix expert, you’re going to need to try harder with who you choose to enjoy it with you. Choose your friends wisely… and if you can’t, keep the peace with a cheeky cocktail which you can make at home. Bliss. 

Learn About Netflix Tools

If you want to take things to next level expertise, for real, then you need to play around with some Netflix tips and tricks. Want to pause something instantly? Just hit the space bar. Want to change the subtitles to be less, well… annoying? Yep, you can change those however you like them, too.

Gain Something!

Whether you’re swatting up for a pub quiz or rekindling a love for cinema which you can then hopefully take on out into the real world, it’s important that all those hours aren’t wasted. What? TV and Movie knowledge is a thing, you can even get degrees in it and stuff! Oh, who are we kidding? At least you can brag about having seen every episode of a particular series in the space of a month. It’s an achievement in itself!

You might “just” be paying £5.99 a month for Netflix, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t get your money’s worth. There are so many hints, tips and tricks to enjoy it to the max, now all that’s left to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the show(s).