Casinos have transformed from land-based versions to the desktop versions. The current method of accessing the casino is by using the mobile phones. These small devices we carry in our pocket has revolutionized the way people access the casino games. Mobile casinos come with a lot of features such as the ability to access casino games at any time of the year from different parts of the world, mobile payments and so on. Plush Casino, a UK based online casino offers a number of excellent mobile payment services. So that player can make their transactions easily. As pay by phone billing is one of the most used payment methods, in this post, we have discussed whether pay by phone billing method is required to enjoy mobile gambling or not.

Pay by Phone Billing is one of the popular methods used by the online casino players to deposit money. It also serves as one of the easiest and safest way for depositing money in online and mobile casinos. But do players necessarily need it to enjoy mobile gambling? Read on to know the answer.

Pay by Phone Billing – one of the most convenient and easiest payment methods

As mentioned earlier this method is still one of the most used payment methods when considering most of its aspects. The working method is very simple. When using mobile gambling the players can make the deposit using pay by phone billing and the corresponding amount gets deducted from the monthly phone bill. The player can pay his phone bill at the end of the month. But the competition for pay by mobile billing is increasing day by day as numerous mobile payment methods are being released every day equipped with various interesting features and beneficial elements.

The other side of pay by phone billing

Though pay by phone billing is one of the most convenient methods it still has some restrictions when used in mobile gambling. One of the biggest flaws of pay by phone billing is its £30 deposit limit. Some high-level players have the habit of depositing more than £30 and this pay by phone billing restricts that.

The next biggest restriction is the one-way flow of money. Unlike most of the pay by mobile features, in this method the players can deposit money but cannot withdraw the amount won. This automatically makes the player move to another method for withdrawing the money. This also one of the crucial reasons for frequent players to with to other pay by mobile.


Though pay by phone billing is one of the most loved methods for mobile gambling it does not stand a chance against the current payment methods. This does not mean that this method is completely worthless. It is quite useful for people who deposit less than £30 and prefer other methods for withdrawal. Plush Casino offers a wide choice of payment methods so that players can choose their preferred pay by mobile option. Almost all the famous mobile casinos still support pay by phone billing option to make the payment process easier for the players.