London has been a place of rich cultural history. A city of legends, home to the queen, and a hub of royal and diverse culture, London is impeccable. Apart from it all, London has been an avid gambling hub since ages. In fact, casino experts find the UK based online casinos to be the finest. Online casinos like Red Spins online casino guarantee a seamless experience for casino lovers and hence attract huge player population.

Let’s look at the London’s journey in the field of gambling.

The sixteenth century and UK Online Casino

The gambling history of London dates to the sixteenth century. His Majesty, King Henry VIII was an avid gambler and dice hoarder. Although, he banned gambling when his soldiers started focusing more on gambling instead of fighting wars. But did that stop him from gambling, you may wonder? Obviously, not!

The Seventeenth Century

The seventeenth century, when there was no casino online UK, London witnessed the gambling legend, Sir Thomas Neale. He has now, a street named after him in the Covent Garden. Initially, Neale was the groom to Charles II, James II, and William III. His task was to ensure that the king’s table was full of cards, dice and people ready to lose. It was in 1684 that King Charles II gave him the job of taking care of illegal gambling spots. In the year 1870, the “King Street” was renamed as “Neale street” as a tribute to his contribution in the field of gambling.

Gambling in Defoe’s London

Daniel Defoe was an extraordinary pamphleteer, whose most significant work was that of Moll Flanders. The novel describes the downfall of Moll, as she turns to theft, con, shoplifting and whoredom, to satiate her desperation of money. Moll often indulged in gambling to con the money out of rich men. Defoe’s classic work hit left a grave mark on the middle and upper class, who was addicted to gambling and drinking.

The Eighteenth Century

Gambling rose as a dire problem of the eighteenth century. There were extreme fluctuations between the rich and the poor. It was a quite common scene, seeing a poor man hit a lottery and starting up with a flamboyant lifestyle. On the other hand, rich men losing all their money, falling prey to destitution. In the era of no casino online UK, even the government-funded lotteries were quite malicious.

Dicken’s London

The gambling scenario of casino online UK changed a century later. William Crockford opened Crockford in 1828, which is the oldest casino in London. It still is the most extravagant casino in London.

In 1841, Dickens presented his viewpoint on gambling through his book “The old curiosity shop”. The book is about Nell and her grandfather. Her grandfather turns to cards and gambling, to pull her out of poverty, but instead lands up in a huge debt. The two flee to Midlands to escape the torment of the debtor. Both end up dying from the exhaustion of the journey. The story is about the loss suffered from gambling.

Gangland Gambling

The twentieth century is associated with the Kray twins. They owned a part of the most popular casino, Esmeralda’s Barn. The casino paved the twins’ way to the world of celebrities and they dined with the most influential figures of the time. The twins didn’t need a casino online UK to establish their dominance.

The Revolutionary Sixties

Gambling became more prominent when on May 1st, 1961, betting act went into effect. Gambling now became legal. The Clermont club was the first casino to be granted the license. It is one of the most respected casinos in London. Another popular casino included golden horseshoe and Charlie Chesters.

The gambling act was altered in 1963 and again in 1968. The rules got more stringent and casinos in UK plummeted from 1000 to 120.

The Twenty-first Century

The further legislative changes helped gambling thrive in London, yet again. London has something for every kind of gambler. Casino online UK has something for every budget and taste. They are even free to indulge in online casinos like Red spins online casino. London always has played a key role in the legacy of gambling!