The number of participants in sports betting is increasing year by year. There are now many millions of sports enthusiasts in Germany who are gratefully accepting the range of bets on offer. Because the indication of sports bets has never been so simple, so varied and so promising as it is today. The Internet and mobile devices make it possible to be online and reachable anytime and anywhere. This also applies to the platforms of betting providers. At the beginning, however, the question arises as to whether it is worth participating in betting in the sports sector? Betting is a form of gambling and there is always a risk. Nevertheless, sports bets are not only interesting, but unlike usual games of chance, also very safe. You don’t have to be an expert in sports or become one, and everyone is still able to make successful sports bets. The most important tips and tricks on how to do this are explained in the following article.

Tips number 1: Practice makes perfect

After registering with a betting provider, your money will be deposited into your user account. The amount is freely selectable. The bookmaker gives a welcome bonus on the amount. As a rule, this is 100 percent of the amount paid in, up to one hundred euros. This means that if you have deposited 100 Euros there are 200 Euros in your account with which you can participate in bets. But one should not become too generous or bet everything on a bet. The bonus tempts many new customers to gamble the money easily and quickly. Risky bets with high odds are perceived and after a very short time all the money is gone. The provided money should be used however carefully. The best strategy is to take the first steps with the bonus and gain experience. For example, you can place bets with one euro each. With the above mentioned bonus that would be one hundred bets, with which with large security also many will be successful thereby. Then there are still more than 100 Euros on the account, but many bets have already been placed. Sometimes successful and sometimes instructive. Therefore rule and tip number one reads: With small amounts on many bets set and slowly but surely experiences collect.

Tips number 2: Don’t bet on risk

In this sense, advice number two goes further. If you are looking for an attractive bet, the odds come into play. The odds are a number used to calculate the winnings and provide information about how likely and risky a bet is. If the odds are high and attractive, then the betting option is rather unlikely and very risky. An example would be that Eintracht Braunschweig will win against Borussia Dortmund. The high odds will certainly appeal to many players, but those who want to make certain bets will bet on lower odds. With these, the risk is lower, which means that less profit is made, but there is a very high probability that profit will be made. This is the attraction, the excitement and the difficulty of sports betting. Betting on risk is fun and the joy of winning such a bet is huge, not just about the money won. In the long run, however, it is advisable to bet on safe bets and take small winnings. They add up over time.

Tips number 3: Live betting and long term betting omitted

As already mentioned, risky bets lure with high odds and also the urge to just give it a try. The more risky a bet is, the more complex it often is. A good example of this is long-term betting. Bets are placed on a very long term. A concrete example of this would be the winner of the Bundesliga before the start of the first matchday. The odds that SC Freiburg will win the championship are between 500 and 2000 for the providers. This means that you can make a profit of 2000 euros with a stake of one euro. The problem is, however, that the bet will not come in with a very high degree of certainty. The question you always have to ask yourself as a participant is, is it worth the risk, or do you bet one Euro on a safer bet? Live bets are bets that can be made during the game. Due to the fact that these bets are very complex, the beginner should avoid this and focus on the usual single bets.

Tips number 4: Always be up to date with the latest developments

At the beginning of the article it was mentioned that sports betting is a kind of gambling. However, the crucial difference is that you can prepare for sports betting in a targeted way. By analysing existing information, i.e. tables, statistics and general sports news, it is possible to make an accurate forecast of a sporting event. In plain language, this means that in order to place bets successfully, you must always be up to date. Is there a change of coach, does a player have a special run or are there injuries in a team? Such questions have a direct influence on the outcome of a game and, of course, on betting options and odds. Information research in the field of sports is one side of the coin. The research for tips and tricks, strategies of experienced betting participants as well as advice, for example which leagues currently have particularly high odds, is the other side. If one uses all information and sources about the topic, one is able to make purposefully safe bets.

Tips number 5: The combination of bets makes the difference

There are different types of bets, the single, the combination and the system bet. A single bet is a betting option. For example, that Bavaria wins against Braunschweig. This bet is relatively safe. However, if Braunschweig wins, the money bet is lost. However, if you place several bets on several games and game results, it is possible to make a profit, even if one or the other bet does not turn out positively. By participating in different bets, the risk can be better distributed. It goes without saying, however, that you should only bet on safe bets. The goal is always that all bets placed end well and one takes for all bets the yield.

The betting provider

The providers of sports betting take care of their customers and do not only give a starting aid for new customers with the bonus. On further Tipps and tricks can be reread by experienced players. Furthermore a listing with all licensed bookmakers, together with the most important information, tests and evaluations, is to be found.