Visit Europe’s New York City, and enjoy the capital’s events and sights as you make the most of the tons of captivating things to do in London.  Whether you are a Londoner or a first-timer in the city, there are hundreds of great things to do. From your unusual ideas to tourist attractions, London will certainly deliver memories that will last a lifetime.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

Located in Kings Cross Station, the 9/3/4 is very popular. However, you will discover the Diagon Alley and many other facts associated with Harry Porter with this tour.  There are three main Harry Potter Tours:

  • Kids Friendly tours from around 23€, two and half hours. Highly-rated.
  • Two and half hours Walking tour  by Mark for only 15€ (max ten ppl)
  • Three hours Tour By Geoff: Top-rated and comprehensive hours for only 59€.

Follow in the footsteps of Ron, Hermione, and most importantly, Harry, as you get to discover the wonderful world of Britain’s capital from a different angle. The tour is a bit geek and ideal for harry fans as well as families with children.


When settling for any place for a gambling spree, consider what the casinos in the area offer. This essentially means checking the gaming venues in the city well. One mistake that most people make when organizing a gambling trip is that they fail to keep in mind how big London is.  Everywhere takes at least an hour to get to(This is Actually True).

Now with that in mind, imagine you settle for two different platforms or casinos for the trip. This means you might spend up to 3 hours on the road.

To avoid this, ensure you plan your gambling itinerary around your hotel and local transport.  That said, an excellent place to start is the Mega Moolah One: Progressive Games in the UK.

Try this arty Island

The Thames stretch between Hampton Court and Putney has several strange sights. A good example is multiple small islands along a watercourse. Among them is the Eel Piel Island, which is the biggest and well known.

The area first came into the limelight in the late 60s, thanks to its blues gigs and recording studios. It now features its nature reserve as well as a bunch of artists’ studios. The best time to visit this privately owned delight is during Eel Pie’s open days.

The Tower of London

A former prison, fortress, and palace! With such a background, you can imagine everything that was going on here. The Tower of London is a must-see for anyone exploring London. You will see Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy physically.

That is why it is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is incredible and fascinating to walk around as you admire different aspects of the site.  You can also take a guide to take you around the towers. You will discover some fascinating and brutal stories hidden in the walls.

Although the Tower of London is great for adults, it is not an ideal place for families.  Some areas are not only inappropriate for kids but also too long. The Harry Potter tour will work great for families.

Victoria & Albert Museum

The V and A is arguably one of the most decorative arts museums in the world. The famous site has been around since 1852 and boasts of more than 4.5 million incredible items.

On the first floor, you will find ancient Chinese ceramics, Japanese swords, and some European art. There are also plaster casts designed from Michelangelo’s David. This a leaf designed hundreds of years ago to guard the sensibilities of Victorian visitors.

Tate Modern

Formerly a Bankside Power station, Tate Modern is another famous attraction in London.  You will find permanent collections of  Picasso, Matisse, Warhol, and Matisse. After that, you can head to the 10th floor for amazing panoramic views of the Thames.

Splash white-water

The popular London 2012 Olympic Games host is an excellent place for the public to enjoy adrenalin-packed canoeing, kayaking sessions, and white-water rafting. Before you know it, you will be nose dunking, high siding, and spinning on the high-quality competition course.

Bottom line

There are hundreds of fun things to do in London. Check back through this article to settle on which ones might be ideal for you. You can work your way through all of these activities to ascertain what works for you.  Hopefully, with these ideas, your London trip will be enjoyable and smoother.

That said, keep in mind that unlike other cities like Las Vegas, where pretty much everything and anything goes on most gambling platforms, London has a dressing etiquette. Most high-end venues will require you to put on something decent like a full suit and tie.

Also, advanced bookings are mandatory in most traditional establishments. So, prepare adequately if you do not want to be locked out of all the fun because you didn’t wear appropriately or you forgot to book. For more on gambling in London, check out the review here.