Eating out in London can be a bit of a minefield. With so many choices on offer, we’ve rounded up the best apps on the market to make eating out more simple. Save your precious time and money, and thank us later:

1. For Finding the Best Dishes on the Menu: DishRatings

The Run-Down: Long live the days of food envy, DishRatings is the app that saves you from ever having a bad meal again. DishRatings has been designed to create a community of food lovers who review the individual items on the menu they’ve eaten; this then generates an overall score for each dish. The app is well laid out: it’s user friendly, it’s easy to search for a restaurant and compare each dish’s score as well as ranking the restaurants in a particular area, for instance Soho, based on their overall score.

Good For: Indecisive people overwhelmed by menu choices.

Download here 

2. For High-End Restaurant Bookings: The Luxury Restaurant Guide

The Run-Down: Fine dining delivered to you through your fingertips; this app helps you find fantastic luxury restaurants and events in the UK. The app enables you to search by location, chef and award; whether it’s Michelin or AA rated and whether it has booking availability, saving you precious time when organising your meal. It also states the ambience and outstanding attributes of a restaurant, ensuring you find the right vibe for your meal (birthday, client meeting, special occasion). And the app also has the added option of purchasing a membership card that entitles you to a wide range of discounts and perks.

Good For: Making fine dining accessible.

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3. To Find the Best Lunch Deals Near Your Office: The Nez

The Run-Down: Undecided on what to eat for lunch? The Nez have got you covered. This app delivers you your local deals, helping you pick your lunch for a bargain price. It has nifty features allowing you to select the nearest promotions to you, displaying the walking times to each restaurant, and lets you plan accordingly, not wasting a moment of your lunch break. You can also collect reward points, allowing you to receive free coffees and many other offers.

Good For: Exploring local deals with ease.

Download here 

4. For Dining with a Conscience: Dines

The Run-Down: Dining meets altruism, this app enables you to dine with a conscience as for everyone who enjoys a meal through this app, Dines donates a meal to a school child in need around the world, #mealforameal.  If that isn’t incentive enough, this apps main purpose is to save you money. How? Simply download the app, and the app will help you find the deals near you and pay for it, saving money on your food bill immediately. Once you’ve explored the area in the app, chosen and dined, you simply request to pay using Dines. A four-digit code will be supplied to you from your waiter that you then input, and ta-daaaa you have saved money on your meal!  And you can even earn Dines loyalty points that are equivalent to a cash sum.

Good For: Saving money and giving back.

Download here

5. For Finding New Places for Lunch: City Munch

The Run-Down: Lunch is one of the best ways to break up your day – and with this app you can find the best deals near you. Eat out for less? Get in. This completely free-to-use app, enables you to search in list or map formation for the best deals around. The app is confident in providing wonderful places to eat as they’re all tried and tested, and their discounts apply to the whole menu. No sad meal deals here.

Good for: Trying unfamiliar places.

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One for luck… 

6. For Skipping the Queue: MealPal 

The Run-Down: This quick and easy app gives you the gift of time. Once downloaded, you can search its offerings of cheap lunch or dinner deals using its fuss-free filters or hyper-local map; you then simply reserve your chosen meal and then pick it up, heading straight to the cashier skipping that all important lengthy line. Also, with the “rate my meal” feature, you can rate restaurants and give feedback. One of the best and easiest ways to discover new food offerings.

Good for: Adding variety to the mundane lunch routine.

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