London is beautiful. London is filled to the brim with cultural marvels. London is eclectic. But above all, London is huge. With such a large population occupying such a vast area of land, it can often feel overwhelming to know what’s happening in the capital, how to get around or where the best places to eat are. Sometimes it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. But with a smartphone it’s a different story. These days, businesses have started to realise the potential of local targeting online, so it’s much a much easier process. Plus, you’ll be able to utilize these four apps to further ease your exploration of the best on offer in London.



While it might be tempting to stay on the sofa and watch films all night, sometimes it’s good to get out and explore the night. Dice is an app that allows you to purchase tickets to the latest shows and gigs around the city without any booking fees. This is possible due to it being completely mobile. All tickets are electronic. That means no paper, no postage and processing fee, and less harm done to the environment.


Although it might not seem like it, there are many ways of getting around London other than the labyrinthine network of tunnels known as the Tube. Citymapper helps you get to your destination no matter where you are in the city. It’ll tell you the fastest and most efficient route, whether by bus, train, foot, cycling or taxi. What’s more, it’ll tell you the cost of the journey before you’ve even taken a step out of the door, allowing you to plan well in advance.

Hidden London

While the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben make for interesting sites, sometimes you want to move away from the typical tourist views and find the secret places that make a city unique. Hidden London does just that, showing users sites off the beaten track such as a Roman bath in the middle of the city, or a crypt on Fleet Street.


In a city as expensive as London it’s helpful to know how to save a few bucks when possible. Enter Frugl, an app that creates an all-in-one hub for the latest deals and discounts from dozens of restaurants, gigs and a multitude of other services. So if you’re looking to get out but not burn a hole in your wallet, Frugl is undoubtedly your answer.