Looking for the best events in the UK for women this summer? There’s so many fantastic new events happening for women this year. Here’s 3 summer events for women you can’t miss:

1. Byline Festival

45 music festivals have pledged to get gender equality in line ups and conference panels by 2022. At Byline Festival, they don’t want to wait and it is not just about numbers. Byline has a very exciting line up this year filled with inspirational women who are changing the game, from Russian Feminist group Pussy Riot to June Sarpong and Carole Cadwalladr.

Byline Festival also has a range of all female panels addressing Feminist Journalism, No Refuge and the Refuge Woman and ‘The new age of consent; what does #MeToo mean to Millennials?’ with Emily Reynolds, co-founder of Second Source and The Words by Women Awards. Robyn Vinter, founder and editor of The Overtake, an investigative news website for millennials. Jasmine Andersson, PinkNews’ investigative reporter, co-founder of Second Source, an organisation that addresses the issue of Sexual Harassment in Media. Penny Foster, singer songwriter behind Album Project Power Dress and Amna Saleem, a feminist freelance writer.

2. Woman Fest 2018

The sisterhood is gathering. Each era has it leaders who are the female voices that represent a generation. From the suffragettes of the early 20th century and the liberalised feminists of the 1960’s to all those that are marching together across the globe confronting the ongoing unbalanced gender dynamics of today. The instant access to global communication galvanised the #MeToo movement allowing women to empower each other world over. Capturing the zeitgeist, Woman Fest 2018 has been announced to take place this summer from 16-19 August 2018 in the wilds of the English countryside in Frome, Somerset.

Women Fest 2018 is an all-women festival representing women from all walks of life and disciplines to come and share their skill, knowledge, music and art in a gathering that is founded on Radical Participation. When the feminine come together, something magical happens and it is in this nurturing space of sharing that transformation, education and enlightenment takes place. This opens our minds and helps us tackle the everyday battles that we may face with the strength of the sisterhood behind us. The headliners are YOU!

Radical Participation means people coming together to acknowledge their own personal contributions as gifts and receiving them in return, whether this is the gift of a class, a song, a talk or just sharing a message. This action might require being brave and vulnerable – the importance is supporting the fact that every interaction and share adds so much value to the community, no matter how big or small. Ticket prices start from £185 (£165 for concessions) for an all access pass to the full three days that includes all workshops, spa and three meals per day.

3. Sweatlife

For those unfamiliar, Sweatlife is the largest lululemon event in Europe taking place on the 23rd and 24th of June. It’s a celebration of the ever-evolving and expanding fitness landscape, with classes offering the very best of what the UK and beyond has to offer. There will be every type of yoga imaginable, led by global ambassadors such as Gabby Bernstein (author of Judgement Detox) and Baron Baptiste, of the yoga dynasty – the Baptiste family Guests will also be able to enjoy the very latest in London’s wellness scene, with a Gong Bath with Leo Cosendai. There will also be a whole range of talks, from The Tempest Two (adventuring duo talking about how their adventuring has impacted the way they live and train), to Niraj Shah, the man who turned to meditation after suffering serious brain injury from a stroke at the age of 30. Not to mention Good Gymand Park Run, talking about how you can use fitness to do good, and favourites Melissa Hemsley (on body positivity) and Jody Shield on boosting confidence. If simple sweat is more your thing, worry not. We’ll be hosting everyone from Frame, Kobox, Psycle and Third Space to UN1T, Xtend Barre, Heartcore and many more. 

Or, if you’re not one to brave the upcoming heatwave, why not check out this piece on famous women in gambling.