Some people cannot even think that they will be banned from visiting public places and government offices. To achieve such prohibition, you must irritate and make people discontent. However, among celebrities, there are such occasions.

For instance, Ben Affleck wasn’t allowed to play blackjack and other casino games in the Hard Rock Hotel, however, we will discuss this celebrity a bit later. There are frequent examples when stars used to bet and got banned, instead of game money. In this article, we will tell you about some celebrity poker players and their stories of bans for playing Blackjack.

What Means A Ban In The Casino?

Let’s reveal one of the celebrity stories. Once, the celeb entered the casino to join the blackjack. However, during the session, he crossed the limit and took credit.

During the procedure, the director considered some of his actions as bad manners and incriminated the star in vulgarity. This star was a rapper named Nelly, who just occasionally dropped his pen, but it looked like he had thrown it to the director. So, now, this celebrity is banned from playing blackjack just because of his awkwardness. Isn’t it ridiculous?

Now, let’s see what a ban is. Gambling interdiction prohibits casino activities fully or partially according to governmental indications and gambling licenses. However, what is the meaning if you are banned from a casino?

It may be a governmental specification or just a prohibition from the directory. Logically, it means that you aren’t allowed to visit the place, play beneficial slot games and join other casino sessions. There are many reasons behind this action, the experience shows that it’s always unpleasant. In case you have actually found yourself in this situation, there is always a possibility to enjoy gambling online. To do so you can simply read the reviews for the POLi Casino, choose the secure and trustworthy site, and enjoy. What is even more beneficial, the options here offer the possibility of POLi banking method that is usually preferred by many players as a very convenient form of transactions.

Who Is Banned From Playing Blackjack At The Hard Rock Hotel?

Speaking about the famous people who have been banned, surely, the first place goes to  the comedian Allen Iverson. He was banned for urinating in a rubbish bin in the casino. He was also really emotional about his losses and used to break down on working stuff.

Colby Covington, well-known as a welterweight fighter, was the first gambler banned for provoking fights.

We should also mention Dana White, who is a casino bankrupt. He could win over $25 thousand in credit every night. Surely, his limits were decreasing. However, he didn’t stop visiting casinos until the moment of the ban on documents.

Then, White switched to the various online casinos and started playing poker, blackjack, roulette, and pokies. If you are interested in playing the last game, it is recommended to start with items from the list on this pokies online website, where a compilation of the best of them is presented.This experience was much more fruitful than land-based one and provides frequent winnings.

There are also stories about disputed points of the metallist Vince Neil and Paris Hilton’s cocaine story. However, the most fascinating story has an actor, screenwriter, and world sex symbol Ben Affleck.

There are many reasons for the celebrity bans from visiting casinos. As we have mentioned before, usually, the motives are foolish and stupid. That is why more and more users are turning to digital platforms in order to enjoy gambling without any negative emotions. Some are reluctant to start, though, in fear of losing money due to being inexperienced in the sphere. In this case we recommend to begin by choosing an online casino among the $2 deposit casino NZ reviews. Here the platforms offer a minimum deposit which turns your playing adventure into a completely risk free experience.

Ben Affleck

Famous actor, talented writer and scenarist, sex symbol and sworn gambler- these are all words to describe Ben. You might be surprised, but once, during his vacation with his wife, he got a block in Hard Rock Casino. However, is there any valid reason for it?

It took roots in 2014 when he and his second wife, Jennifer Garner, decided to rent a week for a holiday in the Hard Rock complex in Atlantic City, USA. We should mention that the actor is well-known as an ace and arch maker of bets. So, during his leisure time, he couldn’t pass up on the chance to try his luck and hazard in the casino.

He decided to join the blackjack table of high rollers. Later, a non-name magazine editor published an article with the label: “Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt will never join the casino table again.” The title encouraged disaster.

However, Ben was having a nice time playing casino, luck was on his side until the moment when the administration came to him. The staff manager said that he wouldn’t visit their casino anymore because of unfair behavior and card counting.

There were lots of rumors around it because the casino management and the actor didn’t comment on this situation anymore. Nonetheless, the law says that a person couldn’t be banned because of card counting. It’s a shady situation with accusations and no proof.

What Other Celebs Are Banned From Places And Events?

Let’s step aside from the topic of gambling, and enrich the article with the experience of other stars. So, meet a list of them and their stories:

  • The Hollywood actor Adrien Brody during the film Saturday Night Life was banned by producers and the audience. He didn’t follow the script and was rude instead. During the live video, his behavior was also amoral because of his discriminative impersonation to the side of black-skinned.
  • Once, the 45th President of the United States was banned on Twitter for his inciting and aggressive foul play. Therefore, he has no opportunity to join the platform under his real name and real data.
  • The second scandal with Donald Trump was connected with the fashion year event – Met Gala. It was the argument that was raised between him and a UK journalist. The public is still unaware of it, but Donald got the honored place on the black list of guests.
  • The Chinese government banned Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, and Harrison Ford. They were speaking about Tibet. The attitudes between those countries have never been great. Therefore, China discriminates against everybody, who speaks Tibet controversy to them.

To Sum Up

In this article, we introduced you to gambling bans among celebrities and why it might happen. We described it with real-life examples of Allen Iverson, Colby Covington, Dana White, and Ben Affleck. The last one also has the most fascinating and controversial story. Mr. Geza is banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Hence, there are many stories about bans, some of which are ridiculous (as the Allen Iverson and urinating in a trash can). Some of them are mysterious and secretive, however, there is nothing impossible for journalists to find out.